“We got speech or at least speech we could understand from BioRay’s CytoFlora months ago. I increased her dose on Sunday and it is just unreal. Chloe has had 5 new words in 3 days!!"

Video Testimonials:

 Coleen Abel
Dr. Denise


What people are saying about Bioray...

"NDF and NDF Plus are simple, yet profound by making all of the valuable aspects of chlorella bio-available. They have been scientifically proven to be the safest and most effective heavy metal, chemical and neurotoxin detoxifiers in the world."

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD.

"I am using Liver Life with my patients in clinic and I am seeing remarkable results in many areas. Children are more calm and relaxed, and I have noticed some of my adult patients with elevated liver enzymes have had a significant decrease in these levels after only two months on Liver Life. My patients that suffer from recurring high histamine response also report a decrease in their symptoms."

Dr. Hitendah Shah, MD

"I began using NDF in my clinical practice five years ago. It has proven to be a gentle and extremely effective way for my patients to remove chemicals and heavy metals. It is easy to use, the dosage can be titrated-which makes it safe for children and adults, and my patients do not experience any detox reactions. They feel good while they are on NDF."

Dr. Robert Banner, MD

"My 60-year-old female patient with 'foggy-headedness', bloated abdomen, and suspected unwanted organisms took Artemisia & Clove for 3 months. The patient has felt more mentally clear with each treatment phase."

Dr. Janelle Love, MD, (DAN! Practitioner)

"For a number of years I searched diligently for a safe detox protocol. When I found NDF it was a dream come true. NDF is safe, quick and an extremely effective oral formula for heavy metal detoxification. I personally have struggled with elevated heavy metals and I find NDF to be an extremely valuable product in my detox protocol."

Dr. Rob McClintock, ND

"Liver Life, NDF, and NDF Plus have been a huge benefit to our environmental detoxification programs. They are gentle enough to use with children - the results are impressive."

Dr. Robert Ellsworth, NMD

"Every morning I take Liver Life, I am becoming stronger and I have more energy. Liver Life is the most effective herbal formula I have found for liver health."

SC of Anchorage Alaska

"For years I had many mercury fillings, which I had removed. However I still did not feel well, I had very poor digestion, diarrhea every day and fatigue. Since taking Liver Life and NDF, my digestion and elimination have improved 100% and I have more energy and sleep much better."

MB of Berkeley, CA

"I had high levels of lead and mercury - they lowered for the first time ever using NDF! I have much more energy, more restful sleep, and I am more focused and task oriented. AND - everyone comments how young I look!"

Beth Redstone, youthful 65 years of age

"Being a busy working mom - I know I suffer from adrenal exhaustion. I LOVE Loving Energy by BioRay, it really lifts the brain fog improves my attitude and gives me energy and strength throughout the day."

Colleen Abel, mom of three beautiful kids

"Twenty years ago I started using DMSA in my practice and I was not satisfied at all. I stopped treating heavy metal toxicity until I found NDF. NDF has given my patients a new life."

Dr. JM Baron, D.O.

"As a product NDF provides safety and effectiveness for my patients. From young patients to elderly patients all have reduced their toxic load significantly and experienced no aggravations during their detoxification protocol."

Marc Davidson, L.Ac., D.O.

"This has been such an amazing intervention for Jason. I would rank Liver Life in the top 3 things we have tried in our biomedical journey to heal him that began in October of 2003. Jason has made progress/gains in ALL areas: cognition, speech, interaction, calmness."

Kathleen Den Bleyker, mom to 5 year old Jason

"I am just in awe on a daily basis at the recovery process we are witnessing with Liver Life. I am so glad to be a part of this because something phenomenal is happening here."

Colleen Abel, mom to 8 year old Dylan

"Since starting Liver Life I got a note back from his preschool aide saying this is the happiest she has seen him in weeks and he had a terrific day. Also, she said, "If you could pinpoint whatever it is that made him so happy that would be great."

Melissa Handley, mom to 3 year old Tommy

"I gave him one drop of Liver Life in the AM before he left for school and when he came home it was as if a transformation took place! Things I've been noticing since starting Liver Life include; better eye contact, speech, language comprehension. He doesn't fight with his younger sister as much, he's much happier, longer attention span, asks more questions, and a few other things I can't quite put my finger on. But he just seems more "normal!"

Jennifer Jenkins, mom to 6 year old John

"Love the stuff! Now I freak out if he misses his dose of Liver Life! No doubt the best change I have seen since the whole ball of wax started 5 years ago."

Jeannine McFee, mom to 7 year old

"Since starting Liver Life he is making a lot of sounds and even attempting a few words like up, mom, no, cake, hug, jump and ba for bye. He is also signing for hug and giving his therapists the pec for dance, then going over and standing on their feet. He blew one of the therapists a kiss yesterday as she was leaving; completely spontaneous."

Kami Olmstead, mom to 7 year old Jonah 

"My daughter was/is definitely a gut kid. Crippling diarrhea/vomiting for the first 3 years of like. Thanks to diet, her gut healed. Then, I discovered the BioRay products. I LOVE Liver Life and Cytoflora. For the first time in her LIFE she has formed, regular BMs!!! It was quite remarkable what a change this brought on."

Amy, mom to 4 year old thriving daughter

"We love CytoFlora...increase in speech...eye contact and my son's aggressive behaviors are gone. He went from all day aggression to maybe 1 every 3 weeks. I kiss the bottle daily!"

Annmarie Rung, mom to happy 6 year old son

“All of his life, when Austin’s been sick I’ve needed to get him shots for antibiotics. He won’t take any type of oral medication. When he began taking the NDF Plus, he wanted to take it. I believe he knows it helps him. When he started NDF Plus, one by one he took out his Yo Gabba Gabba. It was the first time he ever played with a toy and he was seven.  I was so surprised. I like that I can do stuff that’s natural and it actually helps. Since he’s starting using CytoFlora and Liver Life, I’ve noticed how much more he’s actually going. (potty) I really like these products. Austin’s improved so much.”

Jenny Williams, mom to Austin