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Mercury from dental amalgam and other sources (e.g., fish) is bioaccumulative. Studies of healthy subjects with amalgam fillings have shown that mercury from exposure to mercury vapor bioaccumulates* in certain tissues of the body including kidneys and brain.
- U.S. Food and Drug Association

Most of us have grown up with the idea that silver amalgam fillings in our teeth are a normal and safe method to address cavities. Before the 1990's, it was rarely a question as to what was in them. In fact, 72% of people surveyed in the US had no idea there was mercury in their silver amalgam fillings. 92% said they would have wanted to know the possible issues mercury could trigger prior to putting them in their mouth.

What is in a silver amalgam filling?

Silver amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury, along with a combination of copper, tin, and silver. Studies have shown that amalgam fillings emit mercury vapor at a rate of 1 to 27 micrograms per day. This is 3% to 68% of workplace air quality standards that are allowable by OSHA's (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) daily standards. At the high end, these levels are considered unhealthy. This exposure can increase fivefold when we grind our teeth, chew our food, gum, or drink hot acidic beverages such as coffee.

In Sweden, a number of studies were conducted with people who had pre-existing neurological and health issues including fatigue. When the amalgam fillings were removed, 78% reported improvement in their health. As a result of these studies, Scandinavian countries banned amalgam fillings for environmental and health reasons in 2008.

Today, the United States Food and Drug Administration has issued a new regulation placing dental amalgam fillings into Class II: Moderate Risk from Class I: Low Risk. However, The American Dental Association and FDA deem silver amalgam fillings a safe restorative material. About 47% of American dentists still use amalgam fillings.

With new detection techniques such as mercury vapor analyzers, the measurement of mercury from silver amalgam fillings is possible. We know that the highest amount of mercury vapor is released when amalgam fillings are removed. So, don't rush to the dentist to have your silver fillings changed to another material without doing some homework, as well as a dental check up.

Safe removal of silver amalgam fillings

There are several things to know and do before safe removal of silver amalgam fillings.

(1) Contact and use a Mercury Safe Dentist

(2) Brush and Rinse with NDF Mouth Rinse™ or NDF®

(3) Support your organs of elimination

(4) Eat food that supports the liver

(5) Follow the Amalgam Replacement Support Guide (see below)

BIORAY® Amalgam Replacement Support Guide

This guide includes BIORAY’s organic products, clinical experience and expertise to safely and successfully support the body during the removal of Amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings emit mercury vapor exposing individuals to high levels of toxins, which the body has a limited ability to metabolize. Growing awareness about the effects of mercury vapor excreted by amalgam fillings has many people choosing to replace them with biocompatible material. The following guide is intended to support the body and minimize negative effects of amalgam removal. Please use this guide under the supervision of your healthcare practitioner.

First Steps

  • Complete BIORAY's Health Questionnaire to measure your progress before you begin and upon completion of this protocol.
  • For greater success, remove or minimize toxic products in your home and food.
  • We've added a calendar for ease of use at the end of this guide.
  • Requesting a pre and post Urine Toxic Element Test from a healthcare practitioner is recommended.

Understanding the Process...


BIORAY's approach is based on clinical experience that everyone has a unique biochemistry. Each phase of this guide has proven itself to benefit most of the people, most of the time.

Protocol Supplement Intake Guide


How ToBegin

Start intake of each remedy at the minimum dose and increase as tolerated. If you experience any kind of irritation, decrease intake to the last tolerated dose, take activated charcoal, drink plenty of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice and ensure 2-3 bowel movements per day.

(1) Brush teeth with 12 sprays (2 ml) of NDF Mouth Rinse™, rinse and spit. This should be done after every meal until all amalgams have been replaced.

(2) Take 2-4 capsules of Oxy-Powder® with a large glass of water at bedtime to ensure bowels move 2-3 times a day. Work up to a dose that works for you as everyone's system is different. It is okay if stool is slightly runny or loose.

(3) Upon waking, test first morning urine pH: desired range is 5.5-6.2.

(4) Begin Liver Life® and vitamin C at minimum doses and work up to optimal dose. This addresses antioxidant and drainage support, ensuring detox pathways are open. Liver Life® and vitamin C are taken for two weeks before incorporating NDF® or NDF Plus®.

(5) It is optimal to allow enough time to increase the dose of NDF® or NDF Plus® to 2 droppers (52 drops), 2x a day as tolerated prior to removal. This will improve the body’s ability to remove heavy metals prior to the first amalgam removal appointment. However, if this is not possible, any size dose of NDF® or NDF Plus® will assist your body during amalgam removal.

(6) On the day of procedure, take 2 droppers (52 drops) of NDF® or NDF Plus® in the morning.

(7) Immediately before and after the procedure, rinse with 12 sprays (2ml) of NDF Mouth Rinse™. Then spit.

(8) Take 2 droppers (52 drops) of NDF® or NDF Plus®, 2x a day for a minimum of three days following the procedure.

RecommendedProducts for Amalgam Replacement

NDF Mouth Rinse™

This is a unique dual-purpose mouth rinse. It binds to 100% of the mercury vapor released from amalgam fillings while supporting healthy tooth enamel, improving gum circulation and keeping teeth clean and breath fresh. Intake: 12 squirts (2 ml) after meals or chewing.

pH Tape

Test first morning urine pH until it shifts into a healthy range of 5.5 - 6.2. This indicates acidic waste is being filtered efficiently. Restoring and maintaining healthy pH balance is one of Liver Life’s many benefits.


Contains magnesium oxide and ascorbic acid to help facilitate movement of the bowels. It is essential that the bowels move 2-3 times a day at the beginning and throughout this program, as sluggish bowels increase reabsorption of toxins through the colon. Work up to the dose that works for you as everyone's system is different. Intake: 2-4 capsules at bedtime with water.

Liver Life®

A restorative food for the liver containing 1,3 and 1,6 beta glucans derived from herbs and medicinal mushrooms known for their ability to improve the immune response. Liver Life® replenishes antioxidants and beneficial enzymes and increases the liver’s ability to neutralize toxins. Liver Life® restores healthy liver function, balances phase I & II liver detox pathways and modulates the immune system. Pre and post laboratory tests reveal Liver Life® supports healthy liver enzymes, improves fatty acid metabolism and nutrient absorption and decreases fungal metabolites and food sensitivities*. Daily use of Liver Life® decreases the buildup of toxins and rejuvenates liver cells. Intake: Once the bowels are moving daily, begin with a low dose of Liver Life® and increase as tolerated to optimal dose. Initial dose: 13 drops in water or juice 2x a day. Increase by 2-3 drops per day. Sensitive individuals start with 1 drop in water or juice, 2x a day. Increase by 1 drop every 1-3 days, or as tolerated. Optimal dose is 3 droppers (78 drops), 2x a day.

Vitamin C

Removes toxins from the water stores within the body. Ideally, every cell in the body should be bathed in water. When vitamin C levels have successfully reached every cell in the body, the excess vitamin C excretes in your stool, making it soft and watery. Intake: 2,000 mg twice a day.

Camu Camu is full of vitamin C: 60 times more per serving than an orange! A teaspoon of camu camu powder has 1180% of your recommended daily intake containing 2800 mg/gram.

Rose Hip is easy to find and has 2000 mg/gram of vitamin C.

Acerola Berry Powder is also high in vitamin C containing 1600 mg/gram.

Contraindications of Acerola – During or right after chemotherapy. A study published in 2002 reported that acerola evidenced similar allergic reactivity to that of a well-known allergen, latex. Those who may be allergic to latex may also be allergic to acerola in supplement form or to its addition in various fruit juices.

NDF® and NDF Plus®

Natural heavy metal and chemical detoxifiers made with organic ingredients. For individuals with a strong constitution, NDF® is recommended. For sensitive individuals including those with immune, digestive or neurological issues, NDF Plus® is recommended. Intake: Start with 3-6 drops in water twice (2x) per day. Increase dose by 3 drops per day as tolerated up to 52 drops (2 droppers) twice a day. Sensitive individuals: Start with 1 drop, twice (2x) a day ramping up by 1 drop every 3-4 days, or as tolerated, to optimal dose. Optimal dose is 2 droppers (52 drops) 2x a day.

Boost your detox pathways by eating three of the these foods each week:

Phase I Foods


Whole Grain Bread Oranges Prunes Squash
Apples Tomatoes Apricots Broccoli
Beets Mango Cantaloupe Spinach
Carrots Watermelon Pumpkin Eggs
Red Peppers Peaches Sweet Potatoes Beans (Kidney, Lentil)


Phase II Foods


Arugula Watercress Collard Greens Napa or Chinese
Broccoli Bok Choy Mizuna Cabbage
Cauliflower Turnips Tatsoi Horseradish
Brussel Sprouts Turnip Greens Rutabaga Kohlrabi
Cabbage Mustard Greens Daikon Kale

During this process, you should feel the same or better. Irritations such as skin issues, runny nose, sore throat or generally feeling unwell are an indication that toxins are being mobilized faster than the organs can comfortably excrete.

If irritations arise:

  • Decrease product intake, and increase water with fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • Make sure your bowels are moving at least twice a day
  • Take 1-2 capsules of activated charcoal as needed.


No matter how many precautions are taken, it is reported that the blood level of mercury increases by at least three times following the replacement of amalgams for up to five days. For individuals who have had amalgams in their teeth for many years, utilizing an optimal dose of NDF® or NDF Plus® for 6-8 weeks after amalgam removal is recommended.

This guide addresses heavy metal and chemical detoxification and does not include other supplements that may be necessary for metabolic balance.

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