Where to StartFor Adults

"Of the 2.4 million deaths that occur in the U.S. each year, 75% are the result of avoidable nutritional and environmental factors.” - Former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop, MD

We all want to be healthy and live long, happy lives without health issues. However, for the 30 year-old person, odds are 95 out of 100 that he or she will suffer from a degenerative condition that diminishes their quality of life. The majority of degenerative conditions have several aspects in common, which can be improved by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Causes for degenerative conditions include: poor diet choices, toxic living conditions, environmental pollution, genetics and lack of exercise. Identifying the elements that are off balance in your life will allow you to look at where to start to reverse the inevitable odds. So where do you begin to look?

How toReturn to Good Health

The following steps have been proven to work with people who have had many unwelcome health issues, sometimes for decades. These issues began to resolve after only 1 week with the following recommended steps. If you follow only the first 3 steps, you will see a substantial improvement in your mood and metabolism. Follow through to Step 6 to increase your mental clarity, energy, happiness and vitality. We highly recommend continuing to Step 8 to balance your endocrine system and restore your adrenal reserves - this deepens one's ability to deal with stress and increase fun and longevity.

Step 1Stop the Intake of Toxins as Much as Possible

  • Use non-toxic cleaning products for your home, office, and car
  • Stop using microwaves
  • Get a filter for your shower or bathing water
  • Use stainless steel, cast iron, or glass cookware
  • Avoid using plastic of any kind
  • See your mercury safe dentist regularly

Add in Goodness

  • Eat organic.
  • Move and get your heart rate elevated for 30 minutes four or more days per week.
  • Include play in your day

Step 2Support Liver Function and Your Body's Ability to Filter Toxins

Some signs of liver congestion include trouble sleeping, food sensitivities, or moodiness; try Liver Life®

Step 3Restore Healthy Gut and Bowel Function

CytoFlora® is beneficial for all gastrointestinal tracts; especially useful for those who experience bloating, digestive issues, or have trouble with finding your words.

Step 4Remove Environmental Toxins including Heavy Metals & Chemicals

If you have a strong constitution and want to remove high levels of environmental toxins, NDF® is your remedy. If you are a sensitive individual with immune and neurological issues NDF Plus® is your remedy. Or you may use them together to increase excretion of toxins to 65%*

Step 5Eliminate Unwanted Organisms

When you crave sweets, bloat after meals, have dark circles under your eyes, grind your teeth at night or have explosive anger, safely and effectively remove unwanted organisms with Artemisia & Clove™.

Step 6Revitalize Healthy Adrenal Function

When you're anxious, tired or stressed, Loving Energy™ is the perfect remedy to replenish the adrenals - the organ associated with these issues.

Step 7Support Reproductive Health

Women with cold hands and feet, lower back pain, or who wants extra fire in the bedroom will want to give Lady Passion® a go!

Men with low back pain, weakness behind the knees, or who want more staying power and stamina will see significant results strengthening the stalk with Red Rooster®.

Before The Flow™ relieves issues for women with cramping, mood imbalances and fatigue, or jaw tightness and a lump in the throat before or during menstrual cycles.

Women who experience overall body weakness, difficulty sleeping, or absent mindedness during the menstrual cycle and just after it, will experience a replenishing effect with After The Flow™.

Step 8Support Dental Health

When silver amalgam fillings are in the teeth, mercury vapor is being released every time you chew food, gum, or drink hot beverages. NDF Mouth Rinse™ binds to mercury vapor while supporting gum and enamel health.

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