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Artemisia & Clove™ (Organic) 2 oz

Artemisia & Clove™ is a broad spectrum herbal supplement used to safely remove unwanted organisms. This formula is carefully buffered for long term use with sensitive digestive tracts, while still maintaining their full strength of action against unwanted organisms.*


Health Benefits:

  • Removes unwanted organisms*
  • Promotes healthy digestion*
  • Improves restful sleep*
  • Increases happy moods*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not take during pregnancy or while nursing.

2 oz - UPC: 646858000054

Made in the United States.

Remove Unwanted Organisms*


At BIORAY® we have married ancient Chinese Medicine with science to bring you the most effective all natural products.

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    1. It really works good

      I have used this product for 2 courses and I know it works for me. I am a nurse and in last few years I always feel very tired, digestion problem and skin issue. I took all kinds of tests, blood/unwanted organism, screen/allergy but it looks all normal. Finally I went to see a natural therapy doctor which I had waited for 3 months to see him also had drive 1 hour to his office. He recommended me to take this to get ride of unwanted organisms (this doctor told me regular blood/stool test not able to find this unwanted organisms). I took it and found it really works for me. More energy, skin problem has big improvement! I will keep it take it as regular supplement. on 14th Sep 2017

    2. Brought my family back to balance

      I have used all of the Bioray products, but still was having issues with impulse and irrational thinking from my kids. I was going to GAPS, but wanted to try to balance our gut with this detox. We also use the Detox Quartet along with this....had truly worked miracles in my family. Calmer kids, calmer Mommy and Daddy. It's like we got our energy and focus back! Hint, use in Concord Grape Juice with a shot of apple juice makes it taste like apple pie. It can be bitter if you don't have apple juice to smooth it away. I highly recommend this product! on 28th Aug 2017

    3. Tastes awful

      This product tastes horrible. I've tried it in several different All natural juices & it still tastes horrible. I'm still taking it & I guess it is doing its job. I'm doing a whole protocol & haven't noticed much difference. on 4th Jan 2017

    4. Unwanted Organisms

      I use this product and K-Min to kill off unwanted organisms in my son. I found this to be effective but not too harsh. on 30th Dec 2016

    5. Good product

      This product seems to be very effective on 19th Oct 2016

    6. It works - its easy

      I've tried other cleanses and either couldn't get through the full time due to too much stomach pain (yet not other normal herx reactions) or it didn't seem to help. With Bioray's Artemisia & Clove I was able to increase slowly since it isn't in capsules and it didn't hurt - except when I went up too quickly, then I got herx reactions! Also, my bowel movements have become normal again after the 1st week on full dose.
      TIP: buy 2-3 bottles so you can do the whole cleanse. I ran out and now need to start over when I can order again.
      on 22nd Oct 2014

    7. The Taste...

      Artemisia & Clove is one of my favorite tastes in the world, almost as good as coffee. on 24th Jul 2013

    8. Cognitive Health

      I bought this for my daughter. It really helped her colon. on 13th Mar 2013

    9. Most effective

      Amazing results! Mind what they say about increasing the dose slowly. Die-off isn't fun, but I'm so glad this product works so well. on 8th Mar 2013

    10. 1/2 way through

      Now on to the 3rd week full dosage. The 1st week of full dose saw increased energy. He wanted to climb and jump more often than normal. During the week off, saw toys in mouth, jaw grinding, and some increase in bad behavior. Started last week at full dose. Using K-Min to make sure unwanted organisms leave his body. Very hopeful that this is working, based on energy and that his jaw grinding went away this week.
      Note - my son HATES the strong taste, but I reward him with a GFCFSF treat that he hardly ever gets immediately after he takes a dropper-full. (We don't give juice, so he has to take it straight.)
      on 21st Feb 2013

  • Suggested Use

    Intake Instructions for Children & Adults:
    Take on empty stomach in water or juice. Start with low dose; increase as tolerated to top dose, 2x a day. Take top dose for 2 weeks. Stop for 1 week. Resume top dose for 2 more weeks. Cleanse is complete.

    Under 40 lbs: 1 -3 drops, up to 1 dropper (26 drops)
    40 - 75 lbs: 3 - 6 drops, up to 2 droppers (52 drops)
    76 - 115 lbs: 8 - 12 drops, up to 4 droppers (104 drops)
    116 - 150 lbs: 13 drops, up to 6 droppers (156 drops)
    Over 150 lbs: 13 drops, up to 8 droppers (208 drops)

    As with all herbals, after the first dose wait to see if there is stomach upset. If there is no reaction within one hour, proceed. If there is a mild stomach reaction, take dose with food.
    Artemisia & Clove™ Ingredients: Black Walnut Hulls, Hericium (mushroom), Red Clover (herb), Wormwood (herb), Olive Leaf, American Ginseng (root), Artemisia Annua (herb), Clove, Grapefruit Seed Extract. Other Ingredients: Deionized water and gluten free grain alcohol (20% by volume). Made with Organic Ingredients.

    Shelf Life: 3 years
    Storage: Store in cupboard. No refrigeration necessary.

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    function: energize,immunity
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