Is Spring Time Making You Sniffle?



Reduce Histamine Response with Liver Life & Loving Energy

I am using Liver Life with my patients in clinic and I am seeing remarkable results in many areas. My patients that suffer from recurring high histamines report a significant decrease in their symptoms.
- Dr. Hitendah Shah, MD


Liver Life ingredients such as Maitake Mushrooms, Milk Thistle and Red Root work to eliminate toxins by opening phase I and phase II detox pathways in the liver, rendering the body less susceptible to environmental pollutants and toxicities. Liver Life also contains Reishi mushroom, and researchers have found that Lanostan, a compound found in this mushroom, acts to inhibit the release of histamines in the body.  Since Reishi also supports healthy adrenal function and immune response, it has added effectiveness in supporting the body's response to spring time patterns. 
Licorice Root and Schizandra in the restorative Loving Energy provide important adrenal support. Loving Energy has the additional benefit of being an excellent lung tonic.
 These natural solutions provide a gentle and effective solution that works with the body in a supportive and effective way. 

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"Liver Life really, has really helped
decrease our overall histamine
responses to everything."

- Amanda, NC

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