Back To School with BioRay


Wondering how to get your child ready for school?

“Every September & October I see so many kids in my office who need neck, shoulder and head adjustments. I believe it is due to all the new concepts they are taking in at the beginning of the school year. Parents need to know there are supplements that can ease the transition going into a new school year.”
     - Dr. Valerie Jacobs, DC.

Parents see dramatic improvements in appropriate social behavior, concentration, attitude, and eye contact by addressing liver and gut function and removing heavy metals and chemicals with CytoFlora™, Liver Life™, and NDF Plus™.

Safe and effective. 



The Benefits of using CytoFlora™

  • Supports Healthy Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients
  • Supports a Healthy Immune System
  • Consistent Bowel Function
  • Balanced Moods
  • Supports Beneficial Flora in the GI
The ingredients in CytoFlora™ have been shown to promote a healthy gastro-intestinal tract while delivering an immune strengthening impact and creating an environment for healthy intestinal flora to colonize.
“I asked the therapists at Chloe's school therapy if they had ever seen language emerge like this before. One of the therapists told me she had seen kids get language but never like this in such a short time span. Chloe is labeling, repeating words, coming up with a little unprompted functional speech. The therapist said she was 'blown away'."
     - Chloe's mom, regarding CytoFlora 

Liver Life™ 


The Benefits of using Liver Life & trade  

  • Increase in nutrient absorption  
  • Improvement in food sensitivities
  • Promotes healthy histamine and immune response
  • Supports Detox Pathways in the liver
  • Less stimulatory behaviors
  • More appropriate social interaction
The ingredients in Liver Life™ support your body, nourishing the liver and kidneys during detox.
Brandon’s Organic Urinary Acids Test shows that Liver Life supported liver function on many different ways.
“My son now shows proper immune function on his blood tests. He also began pronouncing his words better last year after introducing Liver Life and NDF Plus. He is much more calm, well behaved, and HAPPY. His ability to concentrate and grasp concepts has drastically improved as well. I know because I have home schooled him for the past three years.” 
     - Felicia, mom to Brandon, 5 years old.

NDF Plus™


The Benefits of using NDF Plus™

  • Increased Focus
  • More Restful Sleep
  • Decrease in Headaches/Dizziness
  • Increase in Cognitive Function
  • Increase in Energy & Vitality
  • Healthier Immune System


NDF Plus is a gentle heavy metal and chemical detoxifier formulated specifically for children and adults with high stress, or a weak constitution.  NDF Plus has additional naturally occurring fulvic acid complexes, as well as a variety of organic medicinal mushrooms and other herbs designed to assist drainage and support the organs during detox.
"The progress I see in Ian is the small things. He's adding more words into a sentence, telling his brother off (which I secretly love!), singing to me, and telling me 'I love you'.  It seems every couple of days, I see something new."
     - Simone Huete, mother of Ian using NDF Plus