Porphyrin testing shows Liver Life, NDF Plus & NDF lower heavy metals, PCBs, and Dioxins

1 out of 6 children in the United States are born with blood mercury levels high enough to impair neurological development.

At BioRay, we know that there is no one magic bullet for perfect health.  In our twenty year history we have noticed tremendous progress can be made through paying attention to the impact of environmental factors and supporting the body in eliminating toxins.  We have seen results in clinical practice, through lab testing, doctor and patient observation and in your customer feedback.

Cambridge, MA USA
5 year old male, using the Laboratoire Philippe Auguste Lab - tested baseline and post testing with urinary porphyrins 6 months apart. The following results show a significant decrease in environmental toxins.



Heavy metal and chemical detoxification protocol was Liver Life: 2 droppers per day, NDF: 10 drops daily, NDF Plus: 10 drops daily, Cod Liver Oil: 1 tsp daily. 


“I have been using BioRay’s NDF and NDF Plus for 8 years and find them the most effective and safest heavy metal, chemical, & neurotoxin chelators for my patients.”

~ Dr. Anne Hines, MD