NDF & Chlorine Exposure

With summer here, swimming pools expose us to large concentrations of chlorine. Use NDF or NDF Plus to minimize chlorine in yourself and your child.

A careful study published in an issue of Occupational and Environmental Medicinedemonstrated a downside to the chlorines used in swimming pools. The chlorine that stings the eyes can also irritate the sensitive tissue of the lungs. This is specifically associated to the destruction of the cellular barriers that protect the deep lung (respiratory epithelium), making them "leaky" and more vulnerable. The effects were the same for children wherever they lived and they were strongest in the youngest children.

Promote healthy levels of chemicals in the body, use heavy metal and chemical detoxifier NDF or NDF Plus. 

Our research has shown NDF binds to free chlorine additive, 
the specific type used for spas and swimming pools.

Test 125 grams Chlorine in ½ liter of reverse osmosis water


Post: Adding
3 ml’s NDF

Post: Adding
3.5 ml’s NDF

Pool/Spa Chlorine Granules
(sodium dic-s-hlorotriazinetrione dihydreate)

10 ppm Chlorine

1 ppm Chlorine

<0.5 ppm Chlorine

 After NDF is added to chlorinated water the chlorine can no longer be detected using a conventional ‘free chlorine’ specific dipstick. Given that the ingredients in the NDF’s method of action is achieved thru its ion exchange resin activity, micronized cell wall and its constituents that bind to these chemicals; it is proving effective in sequestering chlorine from water. NDF is effective in the removal of organochlorides (chlorine) toxicities. The Control Test: A half liter of reverse osmosis water with 125 grams of the same chlorine pool/spa granules was allowed to sit for the same amount of time (9:49 minutes) as the tests above; then measured for free chlorine. The control water contained the same amount, 10 ppm of chlorine showing that it did not evaporate, while NDF had a measurable and positive effect decreasing free chlorine as seen above. 

“NDF and NDF Plus are simple, yet profound; by making all of the valuable aspects of chlorella bio-available. They have been scientifically proven to be the most effective and safest heavy metal, chemical, & neurotoxin detoxifiers in the world today.”

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD.