Avoid Health Issues Triggered by Pollution

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The environment is filled with toxins that compromise our health; the effects of these pollutants are dangerous and costly. According to the National Resources Defense Council, the U.S. spends an estimated $100 billion a year on health issues related to pollution stemming from toxins such as heavy metals. This is why individuals may want to consider heavy metal detox to help rid their bodies of these pollutants.

Recently The Huffington Post published an article by Richard Palmquest, M.D., who offers tips for 
people who are interested in 
body detox ."Toxins gain access to the environment and our bodies through contact, inhalation, ingestion and injection. Detoxification is the process of reducing the toxic nature of a substance. In some cases the toxin is made completely safe, and in other cases its toxic nature is only diminished," Palmquest wrote.

First, the doctor recommends avoidance as the best way to limit exposure to toxins. While this may seem impossible, Palmquest states that if people learn to listen to signals that their nervous system is sending, they will recognize when they are in a particularly toxic environment. For example, he says smell is a major tool that people can use to gauge if the area they are in is toxic. Just as primitive creatures used their senses to determine if an environment was good or bad, so can modern individuals.

Next, the physician said that the skin is something that protects the body from toxins, so it's important for people to take care of this natural barrier by maintaining proper nutrition.

After exposure, the human body has a limited ability to metabolize these types of pollutants. Palmquest suggests drinking plenty of water and exercising. However there are additional steps we can take to support the body’s ability to eliminate these toxins. 

Our current daily exposure to pollutants and toxins is significant. Detoxification to support the organs that eliminate these toxins is important, especially during times of stress or overindulgence in food or alcohol. With a successful detoxification you will notice a physical and emotional throughout the day, even in challenging situations.