BIORAY Formulations

bosqualityassurance.jpg While every human is born with the same physiological system, each of us has our individual biochemistry.  At BioRay, we take this into account when we formulate each of our products.  Our formulas were originally created for our patients and their health issues.

Drawing on our Traditional Chinese Medical education, we know each single herb or botanical substance has a vector, or a direction that it travels in, along with a unique impact on systems in the body.  All of these systems work together to keep us in optimum health.

Each BIORAY® formula is tested on the biochemistry of 40 or more people. This means we have a specific knowledge of each formula’s metabolic (functional) impact on individual pH, sugar, salt, ammonia (Nh4), and nitrate (No3). We call this the "terrain", as in: the body as a whole. This technique supplies us with valuable knowledge, allowing us to expertly modify and buffer a formula until we have one that works for most of the people, most of the time.

At BIORAY® we have married ancient Chinese Medicine with science to bring you the most effective all natural products.