BIORAY's Organic Tinctures

planthand.gif We believe that the highest quality and purest ingredients produce the most effective natural herbal supplements. Our original formulas are whole plant extracts, a tradition upon which Chinese medicine was built. We respect this time-honored history.

At BIORAY® we use only sustainably harvested certified organic herbs, giving our extracts uncompromised quality. All of our formulas are produced and manufactured in the United States. This allows us to participate in all aspects of quality control; from harvesting to traditional Chinese tincturing to our unique micronization process.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) further ensure the quality and integrity of our product line. A core management team oversees all aspects of production, from the growing and procuring of all raw materials to GMP/NSF manufacturing. We have an impeccable standard of practice that consistently produces quality products.

We are committed to product excellence and your good health.