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Founded in 1982, AHPA is the voice of the herbal products industry and the recognized leader in representing the botanical trade. AHPA members are the finest growers, processors, manufacturers and marketers of herbal products. AHPA represents the industry on many levels. APHA is in active communication with key allies, as well as critics, in the US Congress, and communicate regularly with the many federal regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over this industry, including the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, the US Department of Agriculture, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and others.

AHPA is also involved with key scientists and organizations that conduct research on herbs, and maintains an active role with the various standards-setting organizations involved in the herbal trade. AHPA also pays close attention to the media, and are in constant communication with reporters and publishers in their quest to improve the quality of information about herbs.

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is the only national trade association that is focused primarily on herbs and herbal products. All of AHPA’s activities are focused on its mission, to promote the responsible commerce of herbal products, and are undertaken to maintain and improve market opportunities for companies that sell herbs, herbal products and other health-related products, and to ensure that consumers continue to enjoy informed access to a wide choice of goods.





Dr. Paul Rubin and Dr. Tom McGuire, D.D.S., two of the leading authorities on minimizing mercury exposure at the dental office and making your office Mercury Safe, have formed New Directions Dentistry. 

Their "How to Make Your Practice Mercury Safe" DVD will teach you everything you need to know to make your dental office Mercury Safe. There are three areas of the dental practice that need to be addressed when committing to practicing Mercury Safe Dentistry.  

These are:
  • Protecting the Patient
  • Protecting the Dentist and Staff
  • Protecting the Environment     

Strictly speaking, the term "mercury free" refers to dentists who do not put amalgam fillings in their patients' teeth.However, mercury free isn't really an accurate description because as long as dentists still remove amalgam fillings, their offices can't officially be called "mercury free." Therefore, mercury safe is a more accurate description of those dentists who not only don't put amalgam fillings in teeth, but also utilize a safe removal process that minimizes their patients' exposure to mercury during their removal.

To educate dentists and their staff about the many benefits of practicing mercury safe dentistry, Dr. McGuire and Dr. Rubin will be offering their one-day seminar on "How to Make Your Practice Mercury Safe: Minimizing Occupational Exposure to Mercury at the Dental Office" on DVD. 

This unique DVD is the only one of its kind available to dentists. Nothing you could do for your practice will be as important to you, your staff and your patients as making your office Mercury Safe. 

"Please refer your dentist to this excellent DVD seminar to learn what he or she needs to know and do to make their practice mercury safe. You and your family’s health, as well as your dentist’s and his/her staff’s health will only see a positive impact. This couldn't be more timely!"

- Stephanie Ray, CEO & Co-Founder of BioRay, Inc.