BIORAY Professional: Tips for Sensitive Individuals

BIORAY Professional: Helpful Tips for Sensitive Individuals

BIORAY has three product lines; BIORAY Professional, BIORAY Daily and BIORAY Kids. BIORAY Professional products are our strongest formulations, recommended by holistic health practitioners, intended for individuals with significant imbalances. The recommended steps on how to introduce each product can be found at For individuals who are exceptionally sensitive to the detoxification process, even while following the steps and utilizing sensitive individual intake instructions, the following tips may be useful.


ISSUE: My child has multiple mutations and cannot seem to tolerate the recommended intake of Liver Life. How can I improve his tolerance?

Individuals with MTHFR, COMT, and CBS mutations can be sensitive to decongesting the liver. These mutations increase the need for organ support, and at times, can make individuals more sensitive to the process. If multiple mutations are present, this may increase sensitivity as well. However, these individuals tend to do very well once the liver is properly supported with Liver Life.  If an individual is not tolerating the process, the following may be useful:

  •  TIP 1: Make sure the bowels are moving daily and Loving Energy (adrenal support) is on board prior to supporting healthy liver function with Liver Life. Add 1 drop of NDF Plus, building the dose up by 1 drop every 3 days or as tolerated until reaching 3 or 4 drops, twice a day. Once that is established, introduce Liver Life at 1 drop per day. Increase the dose by 1 drop, every 3-4 days or as tolerated. This should allow them to tolerate the process with ease.


ISSUE: My child is sensitive to phenols. He gets flushed cheeks, red ears and is a little hyper after taking Liver Life.

Individuals sensitive to phenols tend to have an imbalance in their liver detoxification pathways as phenols are processed in phase II of the liver. These individuals tend to struggle with high histamine and salicylates, which are processed in phase II as well, and are highly reactive to chemicals which inhibit phase II liver detox pathway. Phenolic compounds from plants and herbs are highly beneficial as research shows phenol content mimics antioxidant activity and supports healthy cellular function. However, if the liver is unable to process phenols, it is not uncommon to feel irritated when decongesting the liver.  

  •  TIP 1: Support the adrenals and balance the histamine response with Loving Energy prior to beginning Liver Life as this reduces the workload for the liver. For some sensitive kids, this may be enough to tolerate increasing the intake of Liver Life slowly, following sensitive individual’s intake instructions.
  • TIP 2: For individuals who tend to be sensitive to very small doses of Liver Life even with Loving Energy on board, adding in enzymes such as Phenol Assist or No-Fenol at the same time that you take your remedies will take pressure off the liver by breaking down phenols. This allows individuals to reach optimal dose of Liver Life, balance phase I & II liver detox pathways and experience the beneficial antioxidant impact of phenols with no irritations.   
  • TIP 3: Once the liver detox pathways are supported, increasing the intake of NDF Plus to remove toxic waste, a common trigger for liver imbalances, is appropriate. With the liver balanced and the level of toxic chemicals decreased, the liver becomes more efficient at processing phenols and toxins, and enzyme supplementation can typically be discontinued.


Issue: I have been exposed to mold and now it feels like I react to everything. I am incredibly sensitive to detox. What can I do to move forward with detoxification?

People with chronic mold exposure and multiple chemical sensitivities tend to be incredibly sensitive to the detoxification process, especially decongesting the liver. Some may even be reactive to supporting healthy adrenal function.

  • TIP 1: Make sure the bowels are moving daily and stay properly hydrated. Proper hydration is half the body’s weight in ounces of water. So if you weigh 150 lbs, 75 ounces of pure distilled or reverse osmosis water every day is appropriate.
  • TIP 2: Add in a binding agent (NDF Plus) first to support healthy cellular function and remove toxins including mycotoxins (byproducts of mold) that tend to create irritating symptoms.  A low dose of 3 or 4 drops of NDF Plus works to clean up toxic debris that’s circulating in the system and takes pressure off the liver and adrenals. Hold the dose here without increasing, as a higher dose of NDF Plus is asking the liver to work harder by providing deeper detoxification.
  • TIP 3: Once NDF Plus is on board, continue to build up the dose of Loving Energy first, followed by Liver Life.  Once reaching optimal dose, it is appropriate to provide additional cellular support and detoxification by continuing to increase the intake of NDF Plus to optimal dose.   
  • TIP 4: NDF can now be added to further enhance detoxification and shorten the length of time needed to reduce the toxic build up of heavy metals and chemicals in the body.  Utilize sensitive individual’s dosing and increase as tolerated. The higher the dose of both NDF Plus and NDF, the deeper the detox. You may need to increase your dose of Loving Energy by 1-2 droppers, at this time. Loving Energy replenishes the adrenals, balances the histamine response and buffers irritations during detoxification.   


Issue: My child refuses to take BIORAY formulas in juice or water. What can I do?

Kids can struggle with supplement intake for a variety of reasons. One of the big ones is sensory issues. If they can taste it, smell it or see it, they won’t touch it. So here are some options:

  • TIP 1: Cook with them! Yes, they can take the heat. The heat will not denature the constituents of the herbs. It may take a slightly higher dose to see the same impact, however, increasing the intake by a few drops can help offset that. Add to soup, bake in muffins, scramble in eggs, cook with rice, etc.

Loving Energy has a sweeter, licorice taste and goes very well as a warm tea or added to almond/rice/coconut milk. For adults, this formula tastes amazing in coffee. Add 2 droppers and a dash of milk that works best for you and enjoy.

Liver Life tastes like mushrooms and NDF and NDF Plus tastes like greens. For this reason, these formulas enhance the flavors of soups, cooked veggies, stir-fry, or even scrambled eggs.

CytoFlora has a mild taste as it simply contains probiotics lysates. For this reason it can be added to pretty much anything without detection including beverages, fruits, veggies, soups, yogurt, oatmeal or rice. You can drizzle over fruit and freeze as a treat. Or you can poke a hole in the fruit and drop a few drops inside to give right away. This technique works great with fresh grapes, watermelon cubes, cantaloupe, and pineapple.

Artemisia & Clove is a strong, bitter tasting formula. However, it hides beautifully and can enhance the taste of many recipes that call for clove. For kids, adding it to nut butters or pumpkin based food including muffins, cookies, soup, or bars works great. If juice is the easiest option for your child, red grape juice is recommended and has been found to compliment the body at a biological level when getting rid of unwanted organisms. For adults, adding Artemisia & Clove to coffee with a little almond milk tastes great and you will notice a boost in clarity throughout the day.

  • TIP 2: A shot sized glass! Add all BIORAY remedies to a shot sized glass, top with a touch of juice or water, but not too much. They should be able to drink it all in one sip. Let your child know if they “drink it all”, they can follow it up with their favorite drink or food. This is one of our favorites tips as you aren’t compromising the taste of their beverages and they tend to become less resistant overtime to taking formulas in general. This technique has been used successfully in children at all levels of cognitive function, however, like any type of behavior modification, it can be a process.
  • Tip 3: Blend in smoothies or shakes of all kinds. If fruit or veggies alone do not do the trick, add in almond, rice, or coconut milk with a touch of stevia and blend to further mask the taste. For example: 2 cups of cut up pineapples and bananas, a handful of greens (spinach or kale) and 1 cup of milk (of your child’s tolerance) and 6 drops of whole leaf stevia. Cow milk is not recommended as research shows it slows down the methylation process.