Kidney Health Affects Cognitive Health

In a study conducted by Temple University, researchers found links between decreased kidney function and challenges with cognitive abilities, abstract reasoning and verbal memory. This study demonstrates how important a role a healthy gut may play in your physical and overall health. 
After examining data on 590 participants, researchers concluded that this vital organ is directly linked to cognitive decline. Although most people already know that kidney function is important for urine health and instrumental in removing toxins from the body, few understand how the kidneys relate to the diagnosis of healthy brain function. Like many other organs in the human body, the brain and the kidney work together in a variety of ways.
"The brain and kidney are both organs that are affected by the cardiovascular systems," Adam Davey, the study's lead author and professor of public health at Temple University, explained. "They are both affected by things like blood pressure ... so it is natural to expect that changes in one organ are going to be linked with changes in another."
ndf-plus-1oz-and-4oz.pngKidney decline is a natural occurrence as we age, but it is important to balance the toxins that enter these vital organs to keep and encourage proper gut function. Many people have already found that herbal tinctures like NDF Plus® are organic ways to possibly help balance nutrient and mineral levels in the gut and detoxify vital organs. Because many unwanted free radicals in the environment enter our body and have effects on the organs, it is important to keep these toxins in mind when planning for better health. 
Based on this study we know now that a healthy gut is not only necessary to maintain healthy immune function - it is responsible for a healhy cognitive response, as well. It is important for children and adults to receive the nutrients they need and promote their vital organs so that they have a better digestive tract, memory and improved cognitive behavior.