Liver Life® Adult FAQ

Q: Why do I need to start so slow?
Starting with a low dose and ramping up as tolerated gently supports liver structure and function, so it can detoxify as it is intended to do - naturally. Tolerating the dose is a key factor when utilizing all BIORAY® products. The body heals best when we feel good. If your dosage of Liver Life® is too high excess acids may not be able to drain efficiently resulting in a mild aggravation. If you experience any aggravations, lower the dose by half. If an aggravation persists, supplement 2-5 capsules of activated charcoal. When all symptoms subside, reintroduce Liver Life at a decreased dose.

Q: How long should Liver Life® be taken at optimal dose?
Optimal dose of Liver Life® is recommended for a minimum of 3 months. At that time reevaluating to see if a lower maintenance dose can be used is appropriate.  

Q. What is a maintenance dose of Liver Life®?
A maintenance dose is a lower daily dose or top dose 3-4 days a week.

Q: What positive changes should I expect?
Improvements in digestion, sleep, energy, ability to focus and concentrate, healthy hormone balance, happy moods, skin tone, and support of assimilation of nutrients and tolerance of food and the environment have been noted.

Q: Do I have to use NDF® or NDF Plus® for Liver Life® to work?
No. Liver Life® is effective as a single remedy to support the body’s natural detoxification abilities. To increase the excretion of toxic heavy metals and chemicals, adding in NDF® or NDF Plus® is recommended.

Q: What other things can be done to help balance pH?
Many foods assist in restoring healthy pH ranges in the body. Fresh squeezed lemon juice is one of the most effective alkaline forming foods. For additional alkaline forming foods you can click here.

Q: Can Liver Life® be taken at the same time as other supplements?
Yes. In general remedies taken alone have more impact, taken with food or just before eating buffers their effect slightly. Allowing 15 minutes before eating or 45 minutes after eating achieves stronger impact.

Q: Do I need to test my first morning urine pH daily?
We recommend checking your pH daily for the first week of using Liver Life®. Once pH is stabilized, testing once every 2 weeks is advised.

Q: What is the optimal dose of Liver Life®?
Optimal dose is based on weight

Under 40 lbs: 15 drops, 2x a day
40-75 lbs: 2 droppers (52 drops), 2x a day
76-150 lbs: 3 droppers (78 drops), 2x a day
150 lbs & Over: 4 droppers (104 drops), 2x a day   

Q: How long is the shelf life?
Liver Life® has a shelf life of 5 years.