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Loving Energy® (Organic)

Loving Energy® is a restorative and calming Traditional Chinese Kidney Yin Tonic. Its ingredients are often used for relieving stress and exhaustion, for support of the lungs and the adrenal system, which in turn balances the body's histamine response. This tonic is especially effective for parents and teachers, artists and healers, and those who meditate regularly or care for another, as it restores vital creative energy when one is giving rather than receiving. Adrenal fatigue is considered a "Kidney Deficient" pattern in Chinese herbology, and you could be both Kidney Yin Deficient, as well as Kidney Yang Deficient. Loving Energy® is perfect for individuals who are anxious, tired, overwhelmed with a touch of brain fog or for individuals who experience the seasonal sniffles. Loving Energy® has also been shown to provide an excellent buffering effect when used during detox.*


Health Benefits:

  • Replenishes adrenals*
  • Supports the lungs and kidneys*
  • Restores creative energy*
  • Relieves stress and exhaustion*
  • Balances histamine response*
  • Improves focus and feeling of well-being*
  • Recommended for children and adults*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

2 oz - UPC: 689076815598
4 oz - UPC: 646858150032

Made in the United States.

The Feel Good Tonic*


At BIORAY® we have married ancient Chinese Medicine with science to bring you the most effective all natural products.

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    1. 54 is the new 30

      I purchased this with the detox trio, so this is a collective review for all products. I was experiencing some skin issues that I was seeing my herbalist would get better, only to return. It completely cleared up after starting this regime...immediately! Some unexpected results were menopausal symptoms reversed!!! I am 54 and now feel like I'm 30 again. My husband and I are very grateful! I'm praising God for leading me to your products! on 2nd Feb 2017

    2. Amazing product, will purchase again

      My only gripe with this product is the taste/smell. It's easily covered up with some juice, but I tend to only drink water so it's a little more difficult. I just mix with a small amount of cold water and chug it to get it down. I take this twice a day and I can tell when I've forgotten to take it! I love this product and will purchase again in the future as well as recommend it to friends/family!! on 12th Dec 2016

    3. Feeling More Creative, Energetic & Peaceful!

      I added Loving Energy to my usual daily intake of pregnenolone. I feel more creative, energetic, and peaceful and I am sleeping through the night with some happy dreams. In the past I have not remembered my dreams or would wake up tense, remembering problems. This is with only 1 dropperful.
      on 21st Jan 2016

    4. Absolutely LOVE this product!!!

      I can't say enough about how great this product truly is! Love Love Love it! on 6th Jan 2016

    5. I love it so much!

      I feel pretty awesome taking this daily, I myself feel a happy sense of calm and it has helped with energy as well. I have also noticed it has helped me keep my extreme calm even when my terrible 2 year old is having those incredibly awesome terrible two moments haha!

      I will forever more recommend Bioray products to friends, family, everyone I know! I absolutely love this company!
      on 5th Jan 2016

    6. Amazing!

      I love this product! I am no longer tired when I get off work and around my cycle I am feeling really good, no ups or downs. on 10th Mar 2015

    7. Better than 5 stars!

      I was skeptical, having tried other products that claim to give healthy energy and healing - that didn't do anything. Same for my son, he's 25 and inherited my adrenal weakness I'm afraid. I've sent him many things to help - this time he called after taking Loving Energy with Liver Life and said - "I felt a real difference in 1/2 hour - this stuff really does works! I'll buy this again" We both will be buying again. Thank-you, so much Bioray! on 19th Jan 2015

    8. Awesome for me

      I have had serious symptoms and Loving energy has helped tremendously when others didn't even come close!!! on 23rd Sep 2014

    9. No More Hot Flashes!

      Within 3 days of using this product my hot flashes went from maybe 15 a day to 0!!! I was amazed!!! I am loving life again. on 8th Sep 2014

    10. LESS visual stimming

      My son has been taking Loving Energy for a few weeks and there is a noticeable difference in the frequency and duration of his visual stimming. Thanks BioRay! on 15th Apr 2014

  • Suggested Use

    Intake Instructions for Children & Adults:
    Begin with 6 drops, wait 30 minutes to ensure tolerance of the ingredients. If you or your child feel the same or better, give optimal dose by weight.

    Optimal Dose by Weight
    40 lbs and under: 1 dropper (26 drops), 2x a day
    41 - 75 lbs: 2 droppers (52 drops), 2x a day
    Over 75 lbs: 3 droppers (78 drops), 2x a day

    Regular use is recommended. Dosage is related to improvement. Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing unless supervised by a physician.
    Loving Energy™ Ingredients: Certified organic solomon seal root, eleuthro root, reishi mushroom, licorice root, polygonatum root, schizandra berry, purified water, and 20% grain neutral spirits as a preservative.

    Shelf Life: 3 years
    Storage: Store in cupboard. No refrigeration necessary.

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    function: energize,replenish
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