Chlorine… The harmful truth

With summer here, swimming pools expose us to large concentrations of chlorine. Use NDF® or NDF Plus® to minimize chlorine in yourself and your child.

Swim safe at the beach or in your pool!

A report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has people reaching for their natural detox products, especially those who are headed to the beach or swimming pools. Many of America’s beaches are filled with pollution from stormwater and boats, while swimming pools expose us to large concentrations of chlorine. These toxins can be harmful to your health.

A study published in an issue of Occupational and Environmental Medicine demonstrated chlorine used in swimming pools that sting your eyes and irritate your skin can also disrupt the sensitive tissue of your lungs. This is associated to the destruction of the cellular barriers that protect the deep lung (respiratory epithelium), making them “leaky” and more vulnerable to the passage of allergens. The effects were the same for children wherever they lived and they were strongest in the youngest children.

To minimize the effects chlorine can have on you and your child we recommend taking 3 – 5 drops of NDF® or NDF Plus® in clean water before swimming and/or immediately after. Our research has shown NDF® & NDF Plus® bind to free chlorine additive, the specific type used for spas and swimming pools.

After NDF® or NDF Plus® is added to chlorinated water the chlorine can no longer be detected using a conventional ‘free chlorine’ specific dipstick. The method of action in NDF® & NDF Plus® is achieved thru their ion exchange resin activity, micronized cell wall and constituents that bind to these chemicals. NDF® & NDF Plus® are effective in the removal of organochlorines (chlorine) toxicities.

Prevention and Detoxification are Key!

Be informed! 

The NRDC website has debuted a new online tool, which informs you of safest and least polluted beaches in your area.

“Having that information when you’re planning the trip is far more important than when you’ve taken the trip,” said Steve Fleischli, director of NRDC’s Water Program, according to the news source.

There were approximately 301 million swimming visits each year by persons over the age of six in the United States in 2009!

Keep the swimming in. Take the toxins out!

Our research has shown NDF® & NDF Plus® binds to toxic heavy metals and chemicals including the free chlorine additive used in spas and swimming pools, making BIORAY’s NDF® & NDF Plus® the perfect support for all you swimmers! NDF® & NDF Plus® are effective and safe herbal dietary supplements that minimize the negative effects chlorine and other toxins have on you and your child.

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