Summertime activities to relieve stress

Summertime activities to relieve stress


Unwanted organisms that are present in the environment may contribute to parents' fatigue, which is why many busy moms and dads take natural detox products. Between having a house full of restless kids all summer and the back-to-school preparations that will be happening soon, most parents are probably exhausted. Recently, spoke to board-certified alternative health practitioner Casey Adams who suggested that people who are stressed out get more time in the sun (with sunscreen on, of course) since this may help improve their mood.

In response, the news source offered some suggestions for activities people can do outside to relieve stress. First, the information provider recommended individuals practice outdoor meditation. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation may help give people a sense of peace and calm that can boost their mental health and improve their overall well-being. The organization adds that studies have shown mediation may help ease the symptoms of breathing problems or seasonal sensitivities.

Next, the news source recommended people take the time to observe nature to gain a sense of calm.

"No matter where you’re heading to –  the store, to find lunch on your break, or nowhere in particular – notice everything you pass. The trees, the flowers, how the sunlight reflects off the buildings, the birds chirping – just take it all in. For that moment, think of nothing else but what your senses are delivering to you at that very second in time. You are truly in the present," stated the information provider.

Finally, the news source suggested people keep a journal of things that make them happy, or things they find funny, and write in this journal outside, away from the distractions of their home or office.