What Happens In Your Body When You Detox


How Plant-Based Detoxifiers Benefit Chemical Detoxifiers
The Detox Series, Article 2

Stephanie Ray and Tami Wilken, USA

DMSA, DMPS, NDF® and NDF Plus®: Their Impact on the Body’s Terrain According to Bio Electric Medicine (BEV) per Professor Vincent

The human body is constantly absorbing and giving out radiant energy, exchanging ions for other ions to form different substances, molecules, or compound bodies. These are called chemical changes, caused by their different chemical affinities and are electrical in nature. Ions are nascent particles carrying electric charges, either positive or negative, which are split from molecules of matter in solution when dissociation takes place. They are in rapid motion and are always seeking to establish equilibrium [1].

The work of Professor Louis-Claude Vincent assessed the life energy balance and the internal environment and found a method to measure these ions. He termed this “the body electric”, measuring the building blocks of life: the elements of amino acids, enzymes, ions, and atoms found in the bodily fluids of blood, urine and saliva. He found monitoring the values of pH (acidity or alkalinity), oxidation-reduction (electron) potential, and resistivity (the molecular ion movement) of the body fluids (blood, urine and saliva) provided unique information of a particular patient’s susceptibility to illness [2]. This internal environment is like the terrain of the soil in which a farmer grows crops. If the soil is too acid or too alkaline, has too much or too little oxygen or nitrogen, or has an imbalance of other nutrients, the crops will either not grow, or will become weakened and more susceptible to microbes and other forms of disease.

According to the BEV grid which Professor Vincent innovated, DMSA and DMPS fall into quadrant 3 which produces a rigid, cationic, positive, oxidized, acidic state in the body. NDF® and NDF Plus® fall into quadrant 1, which has a flexible, anionic, negative and positive alkalizing effect; the opposite and needed antidote to pull a patient to balanced health when using sulfur (sulfonate) type compounds or substances. Heavy metal toxicity produces the same bio-electrical response in the body as DMSA and DMPS: a rigid cationic, positive, oxidized, and acidic state [3]. Therefore, these chemical based methods of detoxifying are directly contraindicated for a metal toxic person who triangulates in to Quadrant 3, which is a high percentage of people on the planet.

As most individuals are already acidic and rigid, giving a substance like DMSA and DMPS contributes to further imbalances in the body’s terrain and often results in a detox reaction.

Using a proprietary manufacturing process, the active ingredients in NDF® and NDF Plus® are suspended in liquid, assuring rapid absorption and 100% bioavailability. They are natural detoxifiers and are considered adaptogenic biological response modifiers, supporting the immune system [4]. Di-thiol chelators are a man-made engineered approach which makes excretion of heavy metals easier to measure but also stresses the body or creates an imbalanced terrain.

The Detox Series:

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