BIORAY Product Comparison with Symptoms Chart

Primary Detox & NDF

When to use BIORAY Professional™, BIORAY Kids® & BIORAY Daily™ Products Based on Symptoms

BIORAY® began as a dietary supplement company offering therapeutic products exclusively for practitioners in 1990 known as BIORAY Professional™. With an explosion of children with neurodevelopmental issues and adults with immune issues linked to environmental toxicity, there became a need for two additional product lines; BIORAY Kids® and BIORAY Daily™.


BIORAY Professional™ (The original line) are single focused, therapeutic strength formulations that support healthy organ function, remove environmental toxins and unwanted organisms. These formulas are intended for adults and kids with deep, systemic, or long term issues that require significant support and higher milligram of BIORAY® herbal formulations based in alcohol. Protocols are more complicated, and users need to pay attention to tolerance or work with their healthcare practitioner.

BIORAY Daily™ (the new line for teens and adults) are alcohol free, glycerin tinctures intended for individuals with mild imbalances or symptoms. BIORAY Daily™ offers combination products at 50% the strength of BIORAY Professional™. They can be used before the professional line to begin slow, or after to maintain results. This line of products is similar to BIORAY Kids®, at teen and adult potency. However, they are slightly different formulations as BIORAY Daily™ focuses on issues more commonly found in teens and adults.

BIORAY Kids® (the new line for kids) are alcohol free, glycerin tinctures, intended for children 12 months and over with mild imbalances or symptoms. BIORAY Kids® are combination products at 25% the strength of BIORAY Professional™. They can be used before the professional line to begin slow, or after to maintain results. BIORAY Kids® products address common issues and imbalances found in kids.

We’ve created a “Symptom Guide” for a quick reference. Download a PDF or view the infographic below.

NDF & Chlorine Exposure

With summer here, swimming pools expose us to large concentrations of chlorine. Use NDF or NDF Plus to minimize chlorine in yourself and your child.

A careful study published in an issue of Occupational and Environmental Medicine demonstrated a downside to the chlorines used in swimming pools. The chlorine that stings the eyes can also irritate the sensitive tissue of the lungs. This is specifically associated to the destruction of the cellular barriers that protect the deep lung (respiratory epithelium), making them “leaky” and more vulnerable. The effects were the same for children wherever they lived and they were strongest in the youngest children.

Promote healthy levels of chemicals in the body, use heavy metal and chemical detoxifier NDF or NDF Plus. 

Our research has shown NDF binds to free chlorine additive, 
the specific type used for spas and swimming pools.
Test 125 grams Chlorine in ½ liter of reverse osmosis water


Post: Adding
3 ml’s NDF

Post: Adding
3.5 ml’s NDF

Pool/Spa Chlorine Granules
(sodium dic-s-hlorotriazinetrione dihydreate)

10 ppm Chlorine

1 ppm Chlorine

 After NDF is added to chlorinated water the chlorine can no longer be detected using a conventional ‘free chlorine’ specific dipstick. Given that the ingredients in the NDF’s method of action is achieved thru its ion exchange resin activity, micronized cell wall and its constituents that bind to these chemicals; it is proving effective in sequestering chlorine from water. NDF is effective in the removal of organochlorides (chlorine) toxicities. The Control Test: A half liter of reverse osmosis water with 125 grams of the same chlorine pool/spa granules was allowed to sit for the same amount of time (9:49 minutes) as the tests above; then measured for free chlorine. The control water contained the same amount, 10 ppm of chlorine showing that it did not evaporate, while NDF had a measurable and positive effect decreasing free chlorine as seen above.

“NDF and NDF Plus are simple, yet profound; by making all of the valuable aspects of chlorella bio-available. They have been scientifically proven to be the most effective and safest heavy metal, chemical, & neurotoxin detoxifiers in the world today.”

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD.

Dispelling 10 Detox Myths with Science Based Facts & Tips for Mitigating a Detox Reaction


by Tami Wilken, CNHP and Stephanie Ray, CNHP, USA

MYTH #1: “Detox is scary and dangerous!”

FACT: Detoxification is a natural process that happens every single day in a healthy functioning body. It is the way any living organism removes waste (metabolizes or breaks down) beneficial foods, herbs, etc. after ingestion. This waste is carried out through the bowels or urinary pathways. This is the natural way that the body detoxifies itself. It is only dangerous when it is NOT happening.

MYTH #2: “There is only one way to safely detoxify heavy metals, especially mercury!”

FACT: There are multiple ways you can safely and effectively detoxify heavy metals. When someone says there is only one way to do anything in life, including detoxification, this is a huge red flag! This type of information is based on fear, not facts. There are many ways to safely detoxify from heavy metals, including mercury.

MYTH #3: “You MUST dose by the half-life or use AC protocol otherwise you are playing Russian Roulette with your family.”

FACT: This is a fear based statement, not based on science. We are not aware of published studies showing that low frequent dosing / half-life dosing is more effective than other detoxification protocols. It is a slower detoxification method which works for some people, but like any detoxification program, it does not work well for everyone. Note: ‘AC protocol’ stands for ‘Andrew Cutler protocol’ and involves dosing chelators by their half-life including DMSA or DMPS. This protocol advises against using chlorella with individuals who are mercury toxic.

MYTH #4: “NDF® and NDF Plus® are ‘chelators’.”

FACT: BIORAY® products are NOT chelators; they are natural heavy metal and chemical detoxifiers. Chelators are chemically based substances that pull both toxic metals and essential nutrients from the body — they are also deemed a drug by the FDA. NDF® and NDF Plus® are dietary supplements that are all natural plant based detoxifiers which remove toxic heavy metals and chemicals while balancing essential nutrients. Get rid of the bad. Keep the good. A win win situation.

MYTH #5: “The half-life of NDF® & NDF Plus® is unknown.”

FACT: The half-life of NDF® & NDF Plus® is 2 hours.

MYTH #6: “Redistribution only happens when you do not dose the detox product you are using by its half-life.”

FACT: Redistribution happens every single day, as a part of the normal physiological processes in the body, regardless if you are using a detox agent or not. However, we do want to make sure we are moving toxins out of the body, as quickly as possible without causing a back up which triggers irritation. For this reason, we want to support the adrenals, the elimination pathways (bowels, liver, kidneys) and use a dose of the detox agent that is appropriate for an individual’s tolerance. This increases elimination, decreases reabsorption of toxins and supports the body’s ability to handle the detox process.

MYTH #7: “Dosing low and by the half life avoids redistribution.”

FACT: Using a low dose and giving it every few hours allows the body to eliminate toxins slow and consistently as the body naturally would if it were functioning well on its own. That is a great thing. However, if the natural elimination pathways are blocked, sluggish or inefficient such as the bowels not moving daily, it doesn’t matter what detox agent or protocol you use, you will be reabsorbing additional toxins. Sluggish bowels increase reabsorption, redistribution, as well as irritations.

MYTH #8: “A detox reaction means mercury is being driven into my brain.”

FACT: Yes, we’ve heard this one. The ultimate fear based statement versus fact. A detox reaction may occur when the dose of a detox supplement or medication is too high. This causes toxins to be mobilized faster than our organs of elimination can comfortably excrete. The excess is then removed through our lungs and/or skin resulting in symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, skin irritation or sweating. Head pain, body aches, irritability, trouble sleeping or feeling generally unwell can all be symptoms of a detox reaction. Children may be more emotional or have challenging behaviors as they can’t always say, ‘My tummy hurts” or “I don’t feel well.”

While detox reactions don’t tend to be dangerous, they are uncomfortable and unnecessary. A detox reaction is the body’s way of saying, “This is too much for me right now. Slow down.”  When the dose is appropriate for the individual’s detoxification abilities, they should feel the same or better. If you or your child feels worse, reduce their dose, make sure the bowels are moving daily, and maintain proper hydration (drink half your body weight pounds in ounces of water). Adding in fresh squeezed lemons is a great way to support the liver and kidneys ability to filter toxins. After you feel good again, you can then proceed with a lower dose.

MYTH #9: “A detox reaction means it is working!”

FACT: No! A detox reaction means your body is stressed out. Detoxing too quickly triggers the release of cortisol from the adrenal glands. High cortisol levels can inhibit the immune response, lead to unstable blood sugars, increase histamine, and cause an imbalance in electrolytes like sodium and potassium. Cortisol must also be broken down and filtered by the liver. The last thing we want to do when trying to reestablish healthy balance in the body is create unnecessary work for the liver.  This ultimately slows down the healing process. When we detox in a way our organ systems can handle, we feel good and this allows deep healing to take place more quickly.

MYTH #10: “Chlorella is not an effective binder of toxins. It picks up heavy metals and redistributes them into the brain.”

FACT: Say what?! Chlorella is a very effective detoxifier. It both mobilizes and binds to toxins. The cell wall of chlorella found in NDF® and NDF Plus® is a mucopolysaccharide ion exchange resin (M.I.E.R) that forms both ionic and double bonds with toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides and escorts them out of the body. Due to BIORAY’s micronization process, it’s ability to remove toxins is enhanced by 50 times that of regular chlorella. NDF® and NDF Plus® also contain cilantro which supports the mobilization of toxins as well as beneficial probiotic lysates to support healthy gut structure and function throughout the detoxification process. Research shows that neither NDF® or NDF Plus® remove beneficial minerals or create imbalances.  They act like as adaptogens, which are herbs that restore the natural homeostasis in the body and bring essential elements back towards balance.

There are over 900 scientific papers which have studied the effectiveness and safety of chlorella. Here are a few you might find interesting:

  • Chlorella has a beneficial impact on the brain and body.
    • Rats exposed to lead experience an 87% decrease in glutathione in the brain. However, rats exposed to lead and given chlorella experienced a significant increase in glutathione. In fact, all rats exposed to lead and then given various amounts of chlorella had a higher level of glutathione, compared to the control group which was never exposed to lead at all.
    • Chlorella supplementation supports healthy body weight, a decrease of lead bioaccumulation in the tissues (brain, liver and kidneys) and prompted lead excretion.
    • Chlorella decreases symptoms related to lead toxicity, has a beneficial impact as an antioxidant, supports healthy lipids and cellular compartments.
  • Chlorella decreases the transfer of methylmercury to the fetus as well as the accumulation of mercury in the mother’s brain.
  • Chlorella decreases the transfer of dioxin to the fetus during pregnancy and through the mother’s breast milk while nursing.
  • Chlorella improves the nutritional status in pregnant women, which is noted to be the main cause of pregnancy related health imbalances.
  • Chlorella increases IgA concentrations in the breastmilk which supports healthy immune function.
  • Chlorella stimulates the growth of beneficial probiotic, lactobacillus acidophilus by 400%.
  • Babies given chlorella milk in place of regular milk, due to immune sensitivities, were found to grow at a healthier rate and eliminate skin irritations.
  • Chlorella provides benefit with chemically-induced liver imbalances.

A Practical Approach to Avoid Detox Reactions and Redistribution of Toxins

If the liver or kidneys are congested, the bowels are not moving efficiently and/or the dose of a detoxifier is too high, more metals will be mobilized than the organs can comfortably excrete. This increases the chance of experiencing a detox reaction and contributes to redistribution.

Here are 7 helpful steps to mitigate detox reactions, the redistribution of toxins and promote balance in the body:

  1. Support the structure and function of the liver.
  2. Restore healthy first morning urine pH to 5.5 – 6.2 range.
  3. Stay properly hydrated to flush toxins.
  4. Move the bowels at least twice a day.
  5. Balance chemical chelators with natural binding agents such as NDF® or NDF Plus®, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, modified citrus pectin.
  6. Use appropriate dose of detoxifiers. Begin with a low dose and titrate up as tolerated. Increase dosage as body’s terrain comes into balance.
  7. Give constitutional support remedies.

There are Two Main Things to Know About Any Chlorella Product You Choose:

  • Use a verified pure source of chlorella. Chlorella is an amazing detoxifier for the environment and for the body. This means the chlorella you choose needs to be clean, otherwise it won’t be as impactful in cleaning the toxins out of your body. BIORAY’s ingredients are the highest quality, from the purest sources. The chlorella in our formulas is tested to be free of harmful toxins, pathogens and radioactive isotopes.
  • Use micronized chlorella. The cell wall of chlorella is very hard, making it challenging to digest, and contributing to tummy upset and sluggish bowels for many individuals. However, by micronizing the cell wall with Bioray’s proprietary process, the chlorella is ‘predigested’ so the benefits of the ingredients are immediately available upon ingestion without the digestive issues.

How Were BIORAY Therapeutic Formulas Created?

BIORAY’s original formulations were created in clinic by Dr. Timothy Ray using Dr. Carey Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) testing. By measuring an individual’s sugar, salts, ammonia and nitrates through urine and saliva analysis, Dr. Ray modified each formula to insure the combination of ingredients supported specific organ systems. In clinic, underlying every imbalance he encountered, was heavy metal and chemical toxicity. NDF® and NDF Plus®, as well as other formulations, are his contribution to a worldwide problem which continues to wreak havoc for all of us and particularly our children.

Timothy Ray, OMD, L.Ac. (retired) held private practices in the Santa Monica, CA area from 1983-2004. Graduating valedictorian of his class, he practiced acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the first seven years of his practice, and then began the study of Biological Medicine, both in the U.S. and in Germany. That included Dark Field Microscopy, Biological Terrain Analysis, Complex German Homeopathy, EAV, The Performance 2001, Mayr Cure, Nutrition, Reams Testing, Oxygen Therapies, Pleomorphism and Sanum Therapy, A.R.T., NAET, Laser Therapy, and other related modalities. He has published several articles and case histories in peer-reviewed journals. He now resides in Europe and teaches terrain management in Vienna, Austria.

Today, Stephanie Ray, CNHP, is President and CEO of BIORAY and BIORAY Kids. She and Dr. Ray met in a Chinese herbal store in Venice, California in 1989. They created several biological medical clinics together over the span of 14 years. In 2010, Stephanie and her team began working with Generation Rescue’s family grant program. Since then she has led several intervention studies, published in peer-reviewed journals, and created BIORAY Kids and BIORAY Adult lines to counter the negative impact environmental toxins have on the body. Stephanie Ray has studied Reams Testing, Mayr Cure, Biological Terrain Analysis, Chinese herbalism, Tonic herbalism, and will be completing her naturopathic doctorate in 2017.


Environmental toxicity is costly to all of us and particularly to children below the age of 5 and the economically disadvantaged. One in five children has unhealthy levels of mercury in their body today. Since 1974, we’ve known 80% of chronic degenerative issues are caused by environmental toxins. This is a worldwide issue. The costs are too high to stay ignorant about the many successful paradigms to remove heavy metals and chemicals from the body. We are very sensitive and clear that no single product, food or herb, doctor or company has all the answers for everyone. It takes a multi-modality, multi-product, multi-support approach to heal a human who is suffering from environmental toxicity.

Easy Steps on Where to Start

If you are ready to begin the detox process with BIORAY Therapeutic products, we have provided you with easy steps on Where to Start. These steps follow our clinical experience taking people through successful detoxification. If you have any additional questions, please email or call us to schedule a free consultation at 1-888-635-9582.


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Chlorine… The harmful truth

With summer here, swimming pools expose us to large concentrations of chlorine. Use NDF® or NDF Plus® to minimize chlorine in yourself and your child.

Swim safe at the beach or in your pool!

A report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has people reaching for their natural detox products, especially those who are headed to the beach or swimming pools. Many of America’s beaches are filled with pollution from stormwater and boats, while swimming pools expose us to large concentrations of chlorine. These toxins can be harmful to your health.

A study published in an issue of Occupational and Environmental Medicine demonstrated chlorine used in swimming pools that sting your eyes and irritate your skin can also disrupt the sensitive tissue of your lungs. This is associated to the destruction of the cellular barriers that protect the deep lung (respiratory epithelium), making them “leaky” and more vulnerable to the passage of allergens. The effects were the same for children wherever they lived and they were strongest in the youngest children.

To minimize the effects chlorine can have on you and your child we recommend taking 3 – 5 drops of NDF® or NDF Plus® in clean water before swimming and/or immediately after. Our research has shown NDF® & NDF Plus® bind to free chlorine additive, the specific type used for spas and swimming pools.

After NDF® or NDF Plus® is added to chlorinated water the chlorine can no longer be detected using a conventional ‘free chlorine’ specific dipstick. The method of action in NDF® & NDF Plus® is achieved thru their ion exchange resin activity, micronized cell wall and constituents that bind to these chemicals. NDF® & NDF Plus® are effective in the removal of organochlorines (chlorine) toxicities.

Prevention and Detoxification are Key!

Be informed! 

The NRDC website has debuted a new online tool, which informs you of safest and least polluted beaches in your area.

“Having that information when you’re planning the trip is far more important than when you’ve taken the trip,” said Steve Fleischli, director of NRDC’s Water Program, according to the news source.

There were approximately 301 million swimming visits each year by persons over the age of six in the United States in 2009!

Keep the swimming in. Take the toxins out!

Our research has shown NDF® & NDF Plus® binds to toxic heavy metals and chemicals including the free chlorine additive used in spas and swimming pools, making BIORAY’s NDF® & NDF Plus® the perfect support for all you swimmers! NDF® & NDF Plus® are effective and safe herbal dietary supplements that minimize the negative effects chlorine and other toxins have on you and your child.

Receive 30% Off when You Choose Any of the Following Products or Product Combinations that Include NDF & NDF Plus! Order Now!

The Biology of Being Exhausted


Growing up, my mother used to say, “We’re a napping family”. As a little kid, I accepted that and layed down to take my naps. My mom and I napped almost every day of my childhood until I went to first grade. It turns out she knew what many great parents know or eventually figure out: crabby kids and unhappy stressed out moms show up for dinner, instead of the loving people they really are when well rested. What she discovered for our family is that exhaustion is a function of the adrenal reserves in need of “refueling”.

Most of us experience adrenal exhaustion on a daily basis. In fact, if the title of this article drew you in: you probably have it as well. Today, it is common for many Americans to:

  • Grab a cup of coffee for energy to start the day and consume caffeinated drinks or sugary snacks to try to sustain their energy throughout the day.
  • Go to bed late, wake up early, and push through fatigue instead of laying down to rest.
  • Choose food based on convenience versus nutritional value.
  • Be on the run while eating, paying little attention to eating without stress and chewing food well.

Dr. John Tinterra, a doctor who specialized in adrenal function, surmised in 1969 that 66% of the public could be classified as having severe adrenal exhaustion. That was before the internet, mobile phones, online gaming, lack of physical education in school and the need for us to be on top of information exponentially increased. This applies to both children and adults. Let’s face it, we are a society of fast food eaters, (white, starchy, sugary, salty, and creamy), putting more onto the calendar than is humanly possible, and not stopping to refresh or reset our heart and minds (even for 10 minutes!). These things throw the biology of the body out of balance, affecting our sympathetic nervous system and adrenal function.

Adrenal Stress – What are some of the signs? 

  • Energy crashes at different points in the day
  • Low self esteem due to low energy output
  • Feeling anxious
  • Craving sugar or salt
  • Dilated pupils
  • Poor appetite in the morning
  • Decreased tolerance to cold
  • Sensitivity to lights and loud noises
  • Apathy
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Low blood sugar episodes
  • Low levels of gastric hydrochloric acid
  • Sluggish bowels
  • Histamine imbalance
  • Unreasonable fears, due to low energy and possibly high copper toxicity

The adrenal glands are rounded disc-shaped glands about 3-4 inches across. One sits on top of each kidney, located on either side of your lower back, just above where your ribs end. They secrete a number of hormones that prepare our bodies to respond to stress, and they are essential for life.

Change Your Biology

Many of us have become adept at overriding the signals that the adrenals give us when they need replenishing with rest, good food, or quenching a thirst. To begin to unravel adrenal exhaustion you may want to consider restoring and fortifying your adrenals by adding any of the following into your week:

  1. Loving Energy, a supreme adrenal tonic based on an ancient formulation created by Taoist monks. These monks would keep a pot of this tea going all day in the kitchen. Several times a day, when they took a break from their prayers and studies, they would drink a cup full. Enjoy the full and thirst quenching flavors of schizandra berries, licorice, spirit reishi mushroom and eleuthero ginseng.
  2. Liver Life®, a superior liver formula, supports healthy regulation of stress hormones by the liver.
  3. A 20-minute power nap, the optimal amount of time most supported by research. Set an alarm; turn off the “beeps” of electronic notifications. Add 5–10 minutes to allow time for relaxation for the actual nap. Choose a relaxation ritual for yourself to signal your mind it’s okay to fall asleep. Do not go over 30-40 minutes as this may create deep sleep and cause what’s called sleep inertia.
  4. Decrease caffeine products, slowly but surely. You will have a huge amount of energy after 7 days decreasing and ultimately eliminating caffeine and replacing it with herbs or food that replenish the adrenal energy.
  5. Increase intake of adrenal or yin forming food and herbs: Water, salty flavored foods (miso soup, sea salt, salted raw sauerkraut or kimchi) kidney shaped food (black beans, kidney beans – most beans), blue and black food (blueberries, blackberries, mulberries), seafood (fish, shrimp, seaweeds), seeds (flax, pumpkin, sunflower, black sesame), nuts (walnuts, chestnuts), animal products (pork, duck, lamb, eggs, and cheese), bone-marrow broths and soups, grains (barley, millet), vegetables (asparagus, deep green leafy vegetables, celery, and cucumber), tonics (chlorella and kelp), moistening herbs (nettles, oatstraw, marshmallow, slippery elm, comfrey, aloe vera gel, rehmannia root, coix).

I’m reminded of a little girl crying and her brother asks with annoyance, “Did you have your nap today?” Irritated, the little girl replies, “No!”  We are all susceptible to over extending ourselves. These 5 easy steps will make a huge difference with how you perceive what is going on in your world.  Happy napping!

Tips: A Quick Start to Power Napping

  1. Play your favorite power nap soundtrack.
  2. Find a comfortable position.
  3. Slowly relax each part of your body.
  4. Clear your mind.
  5. Slow down your breathing; breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

The refreshing vegetable: Celery


The Refreshing Vegetable: Celery
Four Simple & Delicious Ways to Eat It

Celery is an amazing source of blood-building vitamin K, immune-boosting vitamin C, and natural sodium and potassium which balances our bodies fluids. How do you know a great bunch of celery? Look for bright green, tightly bound stalks that snap apart easily. Celery leaves should look perky; they’re particularly flavorful, so include them in recipes. Celery stays fresh and firm in the fridge when you wash it and wrap it in barely damp paper towel. If you don’t like the fibrous strings, use a vegetable peeler to remove.

As a Snack:
Fill celery sticks with red pepper or garlic hummus; top with a row edamame and sprinkle with paprika or cayenne pepper.

For Homemade Soup Stock: 
Cut 3 celery stalks with leaves, 1 large onion, and 2 large carrots into chunks; combine in 2 quarts of good water with 6 whole peppercorns and 2 bay leaves, add any other herbs or vegetable cuttings you have. You can include chicken bones if you like. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 1-2 hours. Strain.

Make Pureed Soup:
In a little olive oil, saute 1 bunch of chopped celery and leaves, 1 chopped onion, 3 chopped garlic cloves, and 3 chopped Yukon gold potatoes until fragrant. Add 4-5 cups vegetable stock, bring to a boil, and simmer until vegetables are tender. Puree in batches until smooth; season with salt and pepper.

Salad with Miso Vinaigrette*:
In a small bowl, thoroughly whisk: 2 cloves of minced garlic, 1 tablespoon of light miso, 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard, 2 teaspoons agave nectar, and 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Slice 8 stalks of celery diagonally into 1-inch pieces, place in a bowl, and sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper. Toss with dressing and top with 3/4 of a cup chopped, toasted walnuts. Serve alone or on top of baby lettuce.

*Recipe by Jennifer Brewer

How to balance bad food choices and still make progress

You know what to do to feel great but sometimes its HARD to stay on the health wagon. If you want to cheat every once in a while, here’s how to do it right.


Diet or Lifestyle Infractions and Their Solutions….

● Coffee – We suggest weaning off coffee over 1 – 4 days and replacing it with green tea. Gunpowder green tea is a great replacement. However, if you find you’ve broken down and jumped for the java, follow the cup with 7 Pines Barley Grass tablets. Whatever you do, don’t substitute for a soda. Colas (especially diet colas) are a straight “NO”; you’ll choke on the number of barley tablets you’ll need to balance the acidity.

● Food That’s Bad for Your Blood Type – When ‘required’ to eat a food on your blood type’s negative list (i.e. the inescapable business dinner), also order two beneficial foods. This is will negate almost all noticeable negative effects of the offending food. This isn’t Vegas, but the 2-to-1 rule applies here every time.

● Not Chewing Your Food to a Liquid – While ‘learning’ this technique, take 6 – 8 Wobenzym® tablets with your food. This will assist breaking down your food for you. While this is immensely inefficient compared to chewing with your teeth (chewing increases circulation in the tissue and bone of the teeth which is healthy for you), it will also mitigate gas and your friends will thank you for that.

● Swimming in or Drinking Chlorinated Water - If swimming is your exercise of choice or you are lost in a desert and offered only tap water, add your highest tolerated dose of NDF® or NDF Plus® in your glass of H2O or drink just before swimming. In-vivo testing shows NDF® and NDF Plus® bind to free chlorine and make it inert.

● Energy Depletion/Inability to Exercise - Take 3 Oxy-Powder® in water and be prepared to move 4 hours later. This will lighten your load and give you some pep. Seriously, a clogged pooper sees no possibility, a clean one helps us see that anything is possible, such as taking a brisk walk or a wrestle in a haystack.

● Meal Skipping - Chew 10 Pines Barley Grass with a glass of water. This balances blood sugar levels, cleans the blood, moistens the bowel, alkalizes the body, has vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids and is fibrous (filling). Remember, this is not a starvation protocol. Eat something.

● Craving Sweets/Carbohydrates – You have two choices. #1- Chew 4 to 5 Pines Barley Grass with a glass of water. #2 – Bake cinnamon and fruit such as apples and pears with some cranberries until soft. This combo has an alkalizing impact.

● Craving Fried Foods - You are probably on day 7 – 10 of a full dose of Artemisia & Clove™. Unwanted organisms are dying and clinging to their last breath, so to speak. They will create a craving for something greasy or sugary to keep themselves alive. Don’t do it. Take a dose of Artemisia & Clove™, 7 Pines Barley Grass tablets, and some cooked fruit. It will all be fine in 20 – 30 minutes. Phew. If not, a few squares of organic dark chocolate is in order and just so happens to be good for everyone’s blood type.

● Raw Foods – You want ‘em? You can add them into this protocol up to 25% of total food intake IF you chew each bite well. If juicing include 50% of pulp. If you notice a decrease in appetite and gas, you have just slowed down your metabolism and are burning fewer calories and fat. Play with it. Try less raw and have a bowl of warming soup. You can do it!

● Bad Attitude – You may be feeling deprived and taking it out on yourself with negative thoughts or a poor attitude toward others. Try any or all 3 of these: #1 – Achieve an orgasm. This brings the entire body into a state of needing nothing (zero need in biological terms. Yes, we know this for a fact, having conducted several before and after biochemistry tests) or #2 – You need a bowel movement, see section on “Energy Depletion/Inability to Exercise” or #3 – Do something good for someone else. “Altruism promotes deeper positive social integration, distraction from self-preoccupation, enhanced meaning and purpose, a more active lifestyle, and the presence of positive emotions such as kindness…It is entirely possible to assert that altruism enhances mental and physical health.”

BIORAY® is providing information only. This is not intended as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well being. The FDA has not evaluated this content or these products. Products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Move, Baby, Move!

Systems of Movement

While on the 45-Day Total Body Detox, committing yourself to 30 or 45 minutes of exercise 3 times a week will enable you to see significant improvements in your overall health and energy level. Reducing fat and increasing lean muscle mass speeds up metabolism, as muscle has a higher metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate means your body will be burning calories much faster, even when you are not exercising.

We recommend that you engage in a system of movement that is gentle and feels good to your body. One of the fastest ways to reduce excess body fat is by moving. This is important as fatty tissues clog the arteries, increase blood pressure and put additional strain on the heart. Your body stores toxins in fat tissue. Reducing these fat deposits during a detox protocol inherently reduces toxin levels in your body.

Exercise such as yoga or Pilates encourages healthy cardiovascular function, healthy bone density, strength, flexibility and joint mobilization. The benefits of adding meditation are clarity of mind, awareness, and openness. Engaging in exercise combined with meditation balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain thus promoting brain fitness along with body fitness.

Another key benefit of exercise is increased blood and lymph circulation. Your blood and lymphatic fluids distribute essential nutrients to your cells and remove metabolic waste and other toxic substances from your cells.

Any type of aerobic exercise that gets your whole body moving and gets your body fluids circulating at an increased rate will benefit you.  If you haven’t been exercising, starting with just 20 minutes a day, three times a week is recommended to assist with removing toxins and increasing the beneficial effects of the 45-Day Total Body Detox.

“I really got in tune with my body for the very first time ever with BIORAY’s 45-Day Total Body Detox. I learned what it likes, doesn’t like, and how to maintain a healthy balance. Before the detox, I had no idea how poorly I was functioning. I did know that my sleep was restless, my energy level erratic, and my body felt puffy. During and after the detox, I fell asleep easily and woke refreshed, and my energy level was very high. I lost weight and my figure slimmed, and I am simply more comfortable in my skin. This detox is by far the most effective and best health program I have ever experienced. I’m slimmer and look better than I ever have. My body feels like a finely tuned machine!”

— Hillary,
(age 35, lost 15 lbs. & 5 inches from her waist)

12 suggestions that will revolutionize how you think about eating!

What to Eat and Why:

BIORAY’s 45-Day Total Body Detox Food Guide
“I think the greatest statement I can make about this program is that
the longer I was on it the less I cared to get off of it.
Great program, great results. Thanks.”
~ Dr. Randy Elliott, DC
“I really appreciated the speed at which I noticed a change in my body and mind as well as dropped weight. Within the first week I felt lighter and mental acuity was better than it had been for years. Though at first I was intimidated by the dietary restrictions I quickly learned to live with them and even grew to like the food choices better than my previous free for all diet. The attention I gave to chewing and understanding of what I was eating gave me a new habit of “conscious eating”. This is something I’ll take with me forever.”
— Samba 
“At first I thought it would be hard to eat this day, but it wasn’t. I realized I didn’t really know when my body was hungry or full. I ate unnecessary amounts of food without really chewing it. I lost 29lbs. and 2 dress sizes in 45 days and have a toned body for the first time in years! Without a doubt the best health program I have ever done!”
— Jennifer

These simple but effective suggestions might just revolutionize how you think and feel about eating! 
1. Eat Organically Every Day! Our food supply has changed drastically. Far fewer minerals are found in produce due to the changes in cultivation and fertilization methods and the exhaustion of arable soil. Studies have shown that organic produce is twice as rich in some nutrients, contains more trace minerals and micronutrients than conventionally grown produce, and is free of toxic pesticides and disruptive hormones. And organic food just has more flavor. You can actually taste the difference!
2. Lemon & Water: We think of lemons as being acidic, but when they are fresh, they actually perform an alkalizing function in your body. Fresh lemon juice acts as a restorative for the body, supplying the liver with the materials it needs to correct unbalanced metabolic chemistry.
3. Stale Bread or Crackers: One or two bread rolls or crackers made stale by air drying are eaten in the morning with milk. Cut or break into small pieces, roll the small piece around in the mouth chewing it up until it becomes a very thin pulp. This is then mixed with a small sip (teaspoon full) of milk. If you are allergic, or candidiasis is present in your body, choose a grain that works for you. Rotate your foods, repeated exposure to one constant food may cause the immune system to respond to that food as an aggravation.
4. Milk: To give the digestive system a rest, we use cow, sheep, goat’s milk, oat, rice milk, or Kefir and sip it in small portions. Choose the milk that works with your blood type diet. Properly mix it with the saliva in your mouth, this begins predigestion.
5. Meats or Proteins: Eat small amounts – that’s all you need! Chewing protein well is vital to keeping ammonia from forming in the blood and being transported to the brain, which happens when protein is not chewed well.
6. Vegetables: Overcook your vegetables. No raw or al dente foods for 45-Days. Don’t worry; you are getting plenty of nutrition! Your daily intake of supplements on the 45-Day Total Body Detox is complete, providing you with everything your body needs. The idea is that eating warming foods opens and promotes good digestion. Cooked foods are easy for the body to break down while “tricking” the metabolism into continually being activated. Raw or cold foods close the digestion down; an effect you want to avoid when cleaning out the GI and colon.
7. Soups: Vegetable or meat stock works well as a base for your soup. Cooking a whole organic chicken overnight stuffed with a couple of Chinese herbs like tang kuei, rehmannia, and jujube are a wonderful way to get nutrients. Soups are a perfect way to prepare your heartier vegetables, such as root vegetables.
8. Avocado: After the morning stale cracker breakfast is finished on day 18, this is the recommended food to eat on toast for breakfast. Avocados contain foliate, potassium, monounsaturated fats (good fat that assists with the bad) and are very high in fiber – 10 grams in only one avocado. They also contain 30% more potassium than a banana and 81 micrograms of lutein, which maintains healthy eyesight.
9. Olive Oil: Use this for your dressings and sauces. The protective function of olive oil has a beneficial effect on the secretion of bile and pancreatic hormones. Olive oil is also very well tolerated by the stomach. Extra virgin olive oil, from the first pressing of the olives, contains higher levels of antioxidants, particularly vitamin E and phenols, because it is less processed.
10. Sea Salt: Whole sea salt contains magnesium chloride and magnesium bromide, which are easily assimilated and metabolized in the human body.
11. Honey: Use in your tea. This natural sweetener contains 22 amino acids, as well as a variety of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and minerals. Also easy on the digestion.
12. Tea: You may drink as much tea with or without honey as you want.
• Blood Type O : licorice tea
• Blood Type A: chamomile tea
• Blood Type B: licorice tea
• Blood Type AB: ginger or licorice tea

Is this the worlds most thorough detox?

“I think the greatest statement I can make about this program is that the longer I was on it the less I cared to get off of it. Great program, great results. Thanks.”
~ Dr. Randy Elliott, DC

An Introduction to the One Organic Detox Program That Does it All!

BIORAY’s 45-day program, you will detoxify and tone your body naturally. This protocol is effective for both men and women. It works in harmony with your body while allowing it to come into the shape that is natural for your metabolism. Natural weight loss occurs as your organs’ structure and function are optimized. You will revitalize your skin, look younger, get stronger and experience improved vitality as never before.

Our demands on the planet have reached excessive levels while we continue to inhibit nature’s ability to renew herself. It is our dream that you recognize your own contribution – both positive and negative. We can improve the health of our body, our planet, and our next generation, one bite at a time.

What We are Detoxing & Why with BIORAY’s 45-Day Total Body Detox

This organic protocol has been proven effective by over a decade of clinical use for the detoxification of heavy metals, unwanted organisms, residual drugs and harmful chemicals. It is designed to help the body eliminate acidity and restore the alkaline reserve while balancing hormonal, adrenal, and endocrine function. This is a TOTAL BODY detox designed to create a fundamental shift toward oxygenation and rejuvenation. It is also the best thing you can do to prepare for conceiving a child. To ensure a long life without health imbalances, it is recommended that we repeat this program once a year.


The second part of this protocol is designed to restore and rebuild your energy and nutrient reserves. These days, we rarely take in the proper nutrients we need to support the healthy operation of different systems in our body. The BIORAY® 45-Day Total Body Detox includes supplements designed to do just that. Our 45-day detox shifts our focus from ‘How much do I consume?’ to ‘How well.’ How do I chew each bite of my sandwich? Do I chew one time then swallow? How does that feel? In accordance with this digestion friendly protocol, each bite of food is best chewed to a liquid, yes, a liquid! Try it! Chew it well. We will go into why shortly.

This is NOT a starvation protocol or a “crash” diet. Unlike many other detox programs, the BIORAY® 45-Day Total Body Detox can be easily assimilated into your normal routine and because you are not fasting, you will not feel weak or fatigued. You will experience an increase in energy and stamina. You will also be able to snack and enjoy a diet rich in cooked foods and protein while eliminating the environmental toxins and unwanted organisms that have been sapping your vitality.

Supplements are added into the detox protocol one at a time. In order to avoid detox reactions and identify any irritation, dosages are slowly increased, as per individual tolerances.

This program will teach you to understand and pay close attention to the signals your body is sending you. For example, a headache may be a sign that more toxins are being pushed out faster than your organs can comfortably excrete. This is known as a detox reaction. Your body will tell you everything you need to know throughout this process. You will awaken your deep listening or “the inner healer” as you go along.

What this is NOT

This is NOT a starvation protocol or a ‘crash’ diet. Unlike many other detox programs, the BIORAY® 45-Day Total Body Detox can be easily assimilated into your normal routine and because it is not a fast, you will not feel weak or fatigued. You will experience an increase in energy and stamina. You will also be able to snack and enjoy a diet rich in cooked foods and protein while eliminating the environmental toxins and unwanted organisms that have been sapping your vitality.

What You Can Expect

● Improved digestion

● Increased energy and vitality

● Improved circulation

● Balanced moods

● Flatter stomach

● Smoother skin tone and improved complexion

● Increased mental acuity

● Pronounced tone in natural curves and muscle definition

● Decreased susceptibility to immune triggers

● Improved digestion

● Increased energy and vitality

● Improved circulation

● Balanced moods

● Flatter stomach

● Smoother skin tone and improved complexion

● Increased mental acuity

● Pronounced tone in natural curves and muscle definition

BIORAY® is providing information only and this is not intended as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this information; readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well being. The FDA has not evaluated this content or these products. Products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.