LAB RELEASE: Using CytoFlora®, Child Improves Neurological Symptoms, Detoxification and Mitochondrial Irritation

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Comparison Organic Acid Testing (OAT) shows CytoFlora®, an innovative probiotic lysate, enhances the body’s ability to process unhealthy gut flora Candida and Clostridia, while improving nutrient absorption and detoxification systems in the body.

Before CytoFlora® intervention, 5 year old male presented with defiance and temper tantrums. He had difficulty making and using grammatically correct sentences and a diminished ability to communicate overall. Baseline OAT shows elevated markers in the following areas: yeast and fungal, oxalate metabolites, Krebs cycle metabolites, neurotransmitter metabolism, along with a decreased ability to absorb nutrients and detoxify acid debris*.

After 3-months intake of CytoFlora®, this young boy’s OAT shows dramatic improvements in 75 out of 77 metabolites. His physical and behavioral improvements include “more compliance, less defiance, less tantrums. He communicates his needs now with more grammatically correct sentences”. His ability to detoxify and utilize nutrients has significantly improved along with a increased energy and mental functionality*.

What Is the Organic Acid Urinary Analysis – OAT?
Urine organic acid testing is useful in the diagnosis and monitoring of individuals with inborn errors of organic acid metabolism, inborn errors of amino acid metabolism, urea cycle defects, and defects of the mitochondrial respiratory chain.

Limitations – Organic acid analysis may fail to detect certain disorders that are characterized by minimal or intermittent metabolite excretion.


What Do Improvements in These Markers Indicate?

HVA and VMA are released in the body in response to physical and emotional stress. This marker is commonly elevated in individuals with heavy metal toxicity* and gastrointestinal imbalances*.  The changes in HVA/VMA suggest that this child was able to significantly improve his adrenal function and decrease his stress response in the body.

5-HydroxyIndoleacetic (5 – HIAA) is the primary metabolite of serotonin excreted in the urine. High levels of this metabolite can cause flushing in the face and neck, loose stools, gastrointestinal discomfort and respiratory issues. Imbalances of serotonin is one of the most common biological findings in autism.

LH-DetoxificationWhat Do Improvements in These Markers Indicate?

Elevated Pyroglutamic Acid indicates intracellular glutathione deficiency which is often attributed to exposure of acetaminophen (OTC pain reliever). The changes suggest that this child is able to process toxic metabolites*.

The changes in Orotic Acid suggest that this child was able to decrease excess ammonia, which often results from toxicity in the liver and decrease 2-Hydroxyhippuric Acid, a by-product of the sweetener aspartame*.

Intake Details

Child’s diet has not changed from the pre and post comparison tests. He maintains a high oxalate diet of “quite a lot of nuts every day”. Child began at a lower dose of CytoFlora®. Following his first OAT, his intake increased over 2 weeks until reaching 5 droppers 2x per day. He continued this dose for 2 1/2 months.

Full lab tests can be found here:
Pre CytoFlora OAT
Post CytoFlora OAT


Atypical Symptoms of High Histamines & Allergies. Solutions by BIORAY®


Allergy Season is here! Many of us are aware of typical histamine symptoms – runny nose, itchy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, skin irritations or sneezing. Did you know high histamine can cause atypical symptoms in kids and adults including behavioral issues?

Here are Some Atypical Symptoms of High Histamine & Allergies

  • Heightened Emotions
  • Dark Thoughts
  • Feeling Anxious
  • Being Defiant or Destructive
  • Anger or Aggression
  • Obsessive Behaviors
  • Craving Salt
  • Falling Asleep Late & Waking Up Early
  • Bathroom Accidents (especially at night)
  • Chronic Erections that Do Not Go Away

High histamines are often a response to the liver, adrenal, and immune system being out of balance. Reishi mushroom, known as The Great Protector, has a compound called Lanostan. Researchers in Japan have found it inhibits the release of histamine and its protection of the lungs have been known in Traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Andrew Weil, MD writes, “Reishi has been the subject of a surprising amount of scientific research in Asia and the West.”

Other medicinal mushrooms such as Agaricus Blazei and Maitake are also well known for inhibiting the histamine response which contributes to irritated and itchy skin.  All three medicinal mushrooms are considered adaptogenic and give the body what it requires whether it is deficient or excessive in a particular area. Most of the beneficial activity takes place via the Hypothalamic/Pituitary/Adrenal axis. These typically regulate the immune system and the body’s response to stressors such as particulates in the air.

Support Histamine Balance 

+ Loving Energy® 

Adrenal glands play an important role in mediating histamine release and irritating symptoms. Loving Energy® offers powerful adrenal and lung support providing relief within 10 minutes of ingestion.

+ Liver Life®

Liver Life helps to balance detox pathways and support healthy liver function. Lab testing shows Liver Life inhibits the histamine response and improves tolerance to food.

+ NDF Plus®

Research shows chlorella , found in NDF Plus, decreases the release of histamine by enhancing T-cell Helper type 1 (Th1) immune response. For optimal health, humans should produce a well balanced Th1 and Th2 response. Th1 responses are responsible for perpetuating healthy autoimmune responses.

Loving Energy, Liver Life and NDF Plus can be used on their own or in combination. For best results use all three. Start with Loving Energy and add in Liver Life and/or NDF Plus to enhance results. BIORAY’s recent detoxification study found that Loving Energy buffers irritations in the system very quickly. Mild imbalances resolve with a low dose of Loving Energy whereas significant imbalances resolve with a higher dose, as noted below. These products can be mixed together in water or juice.

Seasonal Immune Boost to balance histamine. This combination is especially beneficial for individuals who have a wide range of sensitivities to food and the environment.

Mild Imbalances

  • 1 dropper of Loving Energy
  • 1 dropper of Liver Life

Significant Imbalances

  • 3 droppers of Loving Energy
  • 1 dropper of Liver Life

Shen Focus to balance histamine. This combination is especially beneficial for individuals who have focus issues.

Mild Imbalances

  • 3 drops of NDF Plus
  • 1 dropper of Loving Energy

Significant Imbalances

  • 6 drops of NDF Plus
  • 3 droppers Loving Energy

Immune & Focus Enhancer to balance histamine. This combination is especially beneficial for individuals with a wide range of sensitivities to food and their environment and who have a hard time focusing.

Mild Imbalances

  • 3 drops of NDF Plus
  • 1 dropper of Loving Energy
  • 1 dropper Liver Life

Significant Imbalances

  • 6 drops of NDF Plus
  • 3 droppers Loving Energy
  • 1 dropper Liver Life

Liver Life® Study: ATEC Results


A Personal Message from Stephanie Ray

GR-logo-clearWith help from Generation Rescue, we recently took a group of 11 children through a course of Liver Life® for 90 days, recording their pre and post ATEC (Treatment Evaluation Checklist). We are pleased to present the results of this intervention study with Liver Life®.

The following mean percent improvement was seen in the following areas

  • 19.35% Speech/Language/Communication
  • 40.53% Sociability
  • 39.35% Sensory/Cognitive Awareness
  • 38.89% Health/Physical Behavior
  • 35.99% Overall

The ATEC consists of 4 subtests: I. Speech/Language Communication; II. Sociability; III. Sensory/ Cognitive Awareness; and IV. Health/Physical/Behavior.  The higher the number in each section, the more severe the symptoms are in that area. After utilizing Liver Life® for 3 months, ATEC scores significantly decrease from an initial mean total score of 82 to 53. See the results of the study (PDF).

  • 100% of participants experienced improvement overall.
  • 6 participants improved in all 4 areas.
  • 5 participants improved in 3 out of 4 areas.

How does Liver Life® support a healthy body and mind? 

Some patients with liver issues experience behavior problems or neurologic symptoms associated with abnormal brain function. We often see high ammonia levels in these patients which can contribute to ‘spinning thoughts’, obsessive behaviors, communication issues and aggression.  Liver Life® opens up detoxification pathways in the liver, increases excretion of acidic waste and decreases ammonia levels. In the ATEC results from this report we see a significant improvement that correlates with some of these issues in the area of Sociability, Sensory/Cognitive Awareness and Speech.

The liver is also responsible for processing fats, carbohydrates, excess hormones and histamines, manufacturing vitamins and minerals as well as storing and mobilizing them. With regular use of Liver Life, we see a decreased need for high dose supplementation of nutrients including methyl b-12 shots. This indicates the liver is able to process and utilize b-12 from foods and supplements more efficiently. The ATEC results in Health/Physical Behavior provides additional confirmation that improving an individual’s liver structure and function with Liver Life® results in a healthy functioning body and mind.

Ultimately we have happier people who are no longer “liverish”; a term fondly coined by the British when one is in a snappish or crabby mood. In TCM, (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we say: Stagnant liver chi is resolved. The liver is a valve for emotions in TCM. When the liver is congested or stagnant, emotions back up and create “pent up” feelings. When the liver is functioning well, a happier demeanor is noted.

Decongesting the liver is a key factor in balancing overall health and tolerating detoxification. A healthy functioning liver that is able to detoxify or filter toxins efficiently supports a healthy histamine response, fat metabolism, and decreases environmental irritations.

We’re thankful to the children who participated in this intervention study. Their contribution helps us understand how Liver Life® benefits all people, but particularly those with sensitivities that are sometimes hard to understand or resolve.



Stephanie Ray
Co-Founder/President BIORAY

Understanding a “Detox Reaction”

Woman Holding Cup of Water and Lemon

How Plant-Based Detoxifiers Benefit Chemical Detoxifiers
The Detox Series, Article 3

Stephanie Ray and Tami Wilken, USA

A detox reaction indicates toxins are being removed from the body faster than the main organs of elimination (bowels, liver, kidneys) can comfortably excrete. This often represents congestion in a bodily system. The excess is removed through the lungs and/or skin resulting in symptoms such as a runny nose, headache, sore throat, cough, skin irritation, sweating, or an exacerbation of existing symptoms. It is not necessary to experience a detox reaction during detoxification. In fact, this indicates the remedy, dose, or frequency of dose needs to be adjusted and/or additional organ support is needed.

Detoxing too quickly in an imbalanced body triggers the release of cortisol from the adrenal glands [1][2]. High cortisol levels inhibit the immune response, lead to unstable blood sugars, high histamine, and an imbalance in electrolytes like sodium and potassium. Cortisol must also be broken down and filtered by the liver for the body to eliminate. This slows down the healing process.

An effective way to see if toxins, such as heavy metals, chemicals, lactic acid, and others are leaving the body is by measuring first morning urine pH. If upon awakening, urine pH is in the healthy range of 5.5 – 6.2, we know acidic toxic waste is leaving the body. If the first morning urine pH range is higher than 6.2, this can indicate the body is unable to detoxify efficiently and support the main organs of elimination (bowels, liver, kidneys) is recommended [3].

Balancing Western Chelation affects with Natural Detoxification Methods

NDF® and NDF Plus® mitigate many of the side effects associated with DMPS and DMSA due to their bioelectrical balancing of the terrain. NDF® and NDF Plus® have an anionic impact offsetting the cationic affect of both the chemical chelators and the heavy metals.  When the terrain is balanced then it’s difficult for health issues to manifest and if health issues are present, is easier for them to disappear. This is where an individual will have a state of well-being and experience progress.

Di-thiol chelators go straight for the heavy metals and dislodge them; however they are not efficient at binding to them. One study reports, “We show that neither DMSA nor DMPS forms a true chelate complex with mercuric ions and that these drugs should be considered suboptimal for their clinical task of binding mercuric ions” [4]. When these chelators are given in combination with NDF® or NDF Plus®, an increase in the elimination will occur due to the M.I.E.R. binding capabilities.

A Practical Approach to Avoid Detox Reactions and Redistribution of Toxins

If the liver or kidneys are congested, the bowels are not moving efficiently and/or the dose of a detoxifier is too high, more metals will be mobilized than the organs can comfortably excrete. This increases the chance of experiencing a detox reaction and contributes to redistribution.

Here are 7 steps to mitigate detox reactions, the redistribution of toxins and promote balance in the body:

  • Support the structure and function of the liver.
  • Restore healthy first morning urine pH to 5.5 – 6.2 range.
  • Insure hydration and increase liquids to flush toxins.
  • Move the bowels at least twice a day.
  • Balance chemical chelators with natural binding agents such as NDF® or NDF Plus®, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, modified citrus pectin.
  • Use appropriate dose of detoxifiers for the patient. Begin with a low dose and titrate up as tolerated. Increase dosage as body’s terrain comes into balance.
  • Give constitutional support remedies.

The Detox Series:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

  3. T. Ray, Heavy Metal Detox Without A Healing Crisis. 2001 Explore! for the Professional, Volume 10, Number 6
  4. GeorgeGN, PrinceRC, GailerJ, ButtigiegGA, DentonMB, HarrisHH, PickeringIJ. ; Mercury binding to the chelation therapy agents DMSA and DMPS and the rational design of custom chelators for mercury. Chem Res Toxicol. 2004 Aug;17(8):999-1006.

What Happens In Your Body When You Detox


How Plant-Based Detoxifiers Benefit Chemical Detoxifiers
The Detox Series, Article 2

Stephanie Ray and Tami Wilken, USA

DMSA, DMPS, NDF® and NDF Plus®: Their Impact on the Body’s Terrain According to Bio Electric Medicine (BEV) per Professor Vincent

The human body is constantly absorbing and giving out radiant energy, exchanging ions for other ions to form different substances, molecules, or compound bodies. These are called chemical changes, caused by their different chemical affinities and are electrical in nature. Ions are nascent particles carrying electric charges, either positive or negative, which are split from molecules of matter in solution when dissociation takes place. They are in rapid motion and are always seeking to establish equilibrium [1].

The work of Professor Louis-Claude Vincent assessed the life energy balance and the internal environment and found a method to measure these ions. He termed this “the body electric”, measuring the building blocks of life: the elements of amino acids, enzymes, ions, and atoms found in the bodily fluids of blood, urine and saliva. He found monitoring the values of pH (acidity or alkalinity), oxidation-reduction (electron) potential, and resistivity (the molecular ion movement) of the body fluids (blood, urine and saliva) provided unique information of a particular patient’s susceptibility to illness [2]. This internal environment is like the terrain of the soil in which a farmer grows crops. If the soil is too acid or too alkaline, has too much or too little oxygen or nitrogen, or has an imbalance of other nutrients, the crops will either not grow, or will become weakened and more susceptible to microbes and other forms of disease.

According to the BEV grid which Professor Vincent innovated, DMSA and DMPS fall into quadrant 3 which produces a rigid, cationic, positive, oxidized, acidic state in the body. NDF® and NDF Plus® fall into quadrant 1, which has a flexible, anionic, negative and positive alkalizing effect; the opposite and needed antidote to pull a patient to balanced health when using sulfur (sulfonate) type compounds or substances. Heavy metal toxicity produces the same bio-electrical response in the body as DMSA and DMPS: a rigid cationic, positive, oxidized, and acidic state [3]. Therefore, these chemical based methods of detoxifying are directly contraindicated for a metal toxic person who triangulates in to Quadrant 3, which is a high percentage of people on the planet.

As most individuals are already acidic and rigid, giving a substance like DMSA and DMPS contributes to further imbalances in the body’s terrain and often results in a detox reaction.

Using a proprietary manufacturing process, the active ingredients in NDF® and NDF Plus® are suspended in liquid, assuring rapid absorption and 100% bioavailability. They are natural detoxifiers and are considered adaptogenic biological response modifiers, supporting the immune system [4]. Di-thiol chelators are a man-made engineered approach which makes excretion of heavy metals easier to measure but also stresses the body or creates an imbalanced terrain.

The Detox Series:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Study: Kidney health affects cognitive function

Learning a new language is just one of the ways that you can improve memory skills

In a study conducted by Temple University, researchers found links between decreased kidney function and challenges with cognitive abilities, abstract reasoning and verbal memory. This study demonstrates how important a role a healthy gut may play in an your physical and overall health.

After examining data on 590 participants, researchers concluded that this vital organ is directly linked to cognitive decline. Although most people already know that kidney function is important for urine health and instrumental in removing toxins from the body, few understand how the kidneys relate to the diagnosis of healthy brain function. Like many other organs in the human body, the brain and the kidney work together in a variety of ways.

“The brain and kidney are both organs that are affected by the cardiovascular systems,” Adam Davey, the study’s lead author and professor of public health at Temple University, explained. “They are both affected by things like blood pressure … so it is natural to expect that changes in one organ are going to be linked with changes in another.”

Kidney decline is a natural occurrence as we age, but it is important to balance the toxins that enter these vital organs to keep and encourage proper gut function. Many people have already found that herbal tinctures like NDF Plus® are organic ways to possibly help balance nutrient and mineral levels in the gut and detoxify vital organs. Because many unwanted free radicals in the environment enter our body and have effects on the organs, it is important to keep these toxins in mind when planning for better health.

Based on this study, the importance of a healthy gut is important for digestive purposes as well as immune function and cognitive response. It is important for children and adults to receive the nutrients they need and promote these vital organs to have a better digestive tract, memory and cognitive behavior.

Cigarette Smoking is Linked to Cognitive Decline

no smooking

As if the evidence against smoking wasn’t damning enough, a recent study from King’s College in London states that smoking can be even more harmful than previously thought, according to a report from the BBC.

We already know that cigarette smoking slows organ function, and for those using a liver-support supplement like BIORAY’s Liver Life™, there may be an even better reason to continue. Smoking impacts health issues in vital organs like the lungs and liver due to exposure from toxic chemicals like cadmium, lead and more. Although the medical community has established this ad nauseum, very few studies have been conducted to see how cigarettes impact cognitive function.

Smoking Slows Organ Function…and the Brain is an Organ
According to the study’s findings, there was a “consistent association” between smoking and lower scores on the assessment tests administered to participants. Researchers also concluded that your cognitive health from middle-age well into your golden years remains at risk if you smoke or are exposed to secondhand smoke.

“Cognitive decline becomes more common with aging, and for an increasing number of people it interferes with daily functioning and well-being. We have identified a number of risk factors which could be associated with accelerated cognitive decline, all of which could be modifiable.” Dr. Alex Dregan, one of the researchers at King’s College, explained. “We need to make people aware of the need to do some lifestyle changes because of the risk of cognitive decline.”

What You Can Do to Support Healthy Cognitive Function
According to the BBC, one in three senior citizens are at risk for acquiring some form of memory or cognitive-related, mental decline. Being aware of these health risks and continually detoxifying vital organs with herbal tinctures may be an effective treatment for people to maintain optimal cognitive health.

“Eating a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked and not smoking can all make a difference,” Dr. Simon Ridley told the BBC.

Detoxifying your body is very important, especially if you are continually exposed to toxins like cadmium, found in cigarettes . These heavy metals and chemicals negatively affect organ health and can result in a decline in mental health, making the positive influence of an organic, heavy metal & chemical detox with NDF® even more evident. Living a healthy lifestyle is about having a sound body and mind, and use of these high-quality products may prove a modern necessity for you and your family.

Study: New discovery about cognitive function

Scientists have found that a different part of the brain is used to process memory by recognizing objects

According to Brown University, a study recently published by Neuron discovered that the human brain uses a different region to associate objects and locations around an individual. This new discovery is good news for people who may be using an herbal tonic to improve memory because being aware of the basic understanding of how the brain supports remembrance and guides behavior could be beneficial for many individuals.

Conventional wisdom about the brain
The context of location and place is very important for people who are struggling with memory issues, not only because it explains how you arrived there in the first place, but it also triggers memories of the objects that you see around you.

“Understanding how and where context is represented in the brain is important,” Rebecca Burwell, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Brown University, explained. “Context, or the place in which events occur, is the hallmark of episodic memory, but context is more than a place or a location. This room, for example, has a window, furniture, and other objects. You walk into a room and all that information helps you remember what happened there.”

A rat model indicated that neural responses are related to “egocentric” movements, meaning that the animals searched for specific objects in their designed mazes to relay memory.

Practical applications of this discovery
Examining how the brain pinpoints and puts together certain objects and places may help prompt scientific breakthroughs in neurological imbalances in children and adults. Many people with memory issues have a difficult time explaining context or certain behaviors, so understanding how the brain process these memories of objects and places could help.

Until more information is gathered to understand how the brain communicates, certain herbal tinctures like Loving Energy could be beneficial for people who are looking to boost their focus and energy naturally.

Study shows that space travel may have harmful effects on the brain

Many of the memory issues surrounding astronauts are related to galactic radiation exposure

There is no question that the mysteries of deep space give many young people the drive to become astronauts. As if getting on a rocket wasn't filled with enough dangers, a new study from the University of Rochester has found that radiation exposure from aeronautical travel can cause serious health concerns for brain function.

As NASA is planning missions to an asteroid in 2021 and Mars in 2035, according to CBS, this especially important for astronauts who want to keep memory retention. Because astronauts face an increased probability of losing their cognitive balance, galactic cosmic radiation has become a highly-researched field in the scientific world. Not only does exposure to this type of toxin give rise to unhealthy cellular function in the body, this new study shows that it can also have negative effects on the mind.

The longer an astronaut is in space, the harder it will be for them to improve speech skills or prevent cognitive decline. Because of the neurodegenerative impact of this type of radiation, this exposure cannot be effectively blocked. Since it is also released in lower levels, prolonged time in outer space can only increase a traveler's risk. In a mouse model, the brains also developed a type of "plaque" that accumulates in the organ called beta amyloid – one of the tell-tale signs of cognitive decline in humans.

Since our bodies are not designed to absorb extensive amounts of radiation or other environmental toxins, it is very important to support them with regular use herbal tinctures like NDF or NDF Plus. These types of supplements help to balance brain wave function which can maintain mental and physical health. Even if you aren't an astronaut, you may benefit from these healthy, rejuvenating dietary supplements.

Vitamin D your way to better cognitive function

One of the best ways to get vitamin D is to spend more time outdoors

According to the Gerontological Society of America, two new studies have found that vitamin D may be a great addition to the herbal tinctures you may already be taking to help replenish your organs and cognitive function.

Investigations lead by Yelena Slinin, MD, MS, at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis discovered that low levels of vitamin D in older females were associated with a higher risk or cognitive impairment and decline based on analysis of more than 6,250 elderly women. Women who have severe bouts with cognitive memory issues often had lower baseline vitamin D intake. These findings follow a similar study at Angers University in France whose team found that higher vitamin D levels could lower the risk of serious bouts of memory loss. There, the testing pool was smaller, but similar to the study conducted by Slinin in Minneapolis.

Better bone health According to Natural News, getting a proper amount of vitamin D is a good idea, regardless of your age, as this vitamin can help maintain bone health as well. Some of the key warning signs that your body may not be getting healthy amounts of this vitamin include issues with blood sugar, unhealthy kidney function, muscle weakness and unhealthy cellular function, all of which can be aided with the use of high-quality supplements and various forms of organic detox.

Get some sunshine! 
In order to get the right amount of vitamin D, and get outside as much as possible. According to the source, one of the best natural ways to get the right amount of this essential nutrient is to spend more time outdoors – besides a nice walk in the sunshine is always a healthy activity because it can also elevate your mood.