Experts offer back-to-school health tips

Experts offer back-to-school health tips



Many parents are particularly concerned about their children's health during the back-to-school season, especially if their kids suffer from breathing problems or seasonal sensitivity. Recently, USA Today spoke to several medical experts who said that these two issues are the main reasons why kids miss school, which is why it's important to treat health issues and take proper precautions.

The news source spoke to Atlanta pediatrician and author Jennifer Shu, medical editor of the American Academy of Pediatrics' and pediatrician Kate Cronan. They offered suggestions on how to keep kids from missing class due to germs, lack of sleep and a number of other problems.

First, the doctors said that chalk dust, pollen, mold, poor ventilation and other things that are out of parents' control may exist in the classroom and exacerbate breathing difficulties. This is why it's important that parents of children with respiratory problems speak to their kids' teachers about ways to improve whatever aspects of the classroom that they can.

Also, it's important for children to get enough sleep so they can concentrate, but they may have a disturbed schedule from the summer.

"If they're going to bed at midnight, you can't just say on Aug. 15, 'you're going to bed at 9 [p.m.],'" Cronan said, quoted by the news source. "Inch back [the bedtime], so the first week, go to bed by 11 [p.m.], then every few days move it back by half an hour. It's not rigid, but you can't do it the night before school starts."

WebMD reminded parents that as many as one out of every 20 children cannot see properly, which is why it may be a good idea to schedule a visit to the eye doctor before the school year begins and a child misses important information because they can't see the board.