Help your kids have their healthiest school year yet

Help your kids have their healthiest school year yet


As parents prepare to send their kids back to school, their children's health is likely on the forefront of their minds. They want to make sure that their kids have everything they need to stay focused and healthy throughout the school year. According to a 2011 article in the Los Angeles Times, studies have shown that schools are filled with unwanted organisms that have the potential to not only make a child sick, but make their way into homes and infect an entire family.

Recently, The Baltimore Sun published an article with some suggestions for things that parents should do before sending their child back to school that will help ensure a healthful year.

Plan healthy meals

The news source spoke to Diana Sugiuchi, nutritionist and owner of Nourish Family Nutrition, who said that the number one thing that will help ensure that a child is focused throughout the day is a good breakfast. This isn't just about giving children something that will keep them from becoming hungry before lunch, but also choosing the right foods.

According to Sugiuchi, the type of foods children eat for breakfast will make a big difference in their energy levels. She recommended that parents choose eggs, milk, yogurt and whole grain toast for their children rather than sugary cereal or white bread.

Parents should also consider packing their child's lunch each day, to help ensure that he or she is eating a good meal at school. So before sending kids back to school, parents may also take the time to plan what they will give them for breakfast and lunch each day by making a menu for at least the first two weeks of class.

Sickness prevention

Parents also need to make sure that their children understand the importance of hand-washing before they return to school. Remind kids that they should wash their hands when using the restroom, before lunch and after recess.

The information provider also spoke to Virginia Keane, M.D., who recommended that parents buy their child's teacher a large box of cleaning wipes, and encourage him or her to have the kids wipe down the surface of their desks once a week to prevent the spread of germs. recommends that parents tell their children to avoid touching their eyes or mouth when their hands are not clean. Also, remind kids that it is not a good idea to share drinks with classmates.