How can you get kids to eat healthy snacks?

How can you get kids to eat healthy snacks?

Parents who are concerned about their children’s health as they head back to school probably have all the basics covered. This means they have planned to give their child hand sanitizer and wipes to bring to school to fight off germs, and they may have even purchased products that offer safe detox for children. However, even the most prepared parents may find themselves having trouble coming up with healthy snack ideas for their child’s lunch.

When parents pack their children’s lunch, they have no idea if the kids will actually eat what they are given, or end up throwing it away in favor of cheap vending machine snacks. This is why it’s important to give kids food that is both healthy, and something they would actually like to eat.

Recently, The Washington Post published an article offering tips for how to pick the snacks that children will love and adults can approve of. First, the news source stated parents should start by ensuring that the snack contains a healthy fat and protein.

“Protein is a main source of energy for our bodies and helps to build our brains, making it an important ingredient in a child’s school day. Healthful fats are also a concentrated source of energy for the body, are building blocks for the brain, and slow absorption of other parts of our meal, helping us remain full longer,” according to the information provider.

The Post suggested many different snacks that can fulfill these requirements, and are also tasty. For example, hard boiled eggs, cheese and whole grain crackers, hummus with crackers or vegetables, guacamole and whole grain chips or homemade trail mix are all healthy snack options that kids may enjoy.

Parents Magazine recommends healthier baked goods for children, such as banana bread or carrot bars. Adding a little bit of sugar glaze or jam to these snacks is a great way to get a few more servings of fruits and vegetables into a children’s diets without them even knowing.