Moms work together to improve air quality

Moms work together to improve air quality


Many individuals buy natural detox products to try and cleanse their bodies of the pollutants that exist in the air. Anyone has a risk of being affected by these toxins, but children, in particular, should be protected from pollution whenever possible. Recently, Think Progress published an article by Molly Rauch of the Mom's Clean Air Force, who spoke at a hearing discussing new limits that the Environmental Protection Agency wants to put on carbon pollution. According to Rauch, these limits are important to the health of children.

Pollution is a personal matter for Rauch, who developed wheezing and respiratory symptoms in recent years and is now forced to use an inhaler. She noticed that on poor air quality days, her breathing became more difficult. According to the EPA, while pollution may affect many parts of the body such as the skin and eyes, it can primarily affect the respiratory system.

Rauch took an interesting approach while advocating for the new carbon pollution limits. She said that not only is this law important for the health of children, but for the productivity of the American workforce as well.

"More than 7 million children have [breathing problems] in this country. Behind each of those children is a mom (or dad) taking care of their child, making sure she takes her medicine, vigilantly watching for symptoms. There are more than 14 million days of school lost each year to [respiratory illness]. Behind each one of those lost school days is a parent who is probably missing work, taking that child to the doctor," said Rauch, quoted by the news source.

Rauch said there are many stories on the Mom's Clean Air Force blog from mothers discussing how pollution has adversely affected their child. She urged the EPA to adopt the new carbon pollution limits.