Artists construct garbage wall to highlight pollution

Artists construct garbage wall to highlight pollution


Americans have been standing up against pollution, and are fighting back against toxins in the environment by taking natural detox products and calling for politicians to do more to clean up the air and water. Recently, the Associated Press reported that one group of environmentalists and artists in the Chicago area has a creative plan for how to draw attention to pollution caused by litter. The group plans to put the city's garbage on display, to show people the vast scale of pollution in Midwest rivers.

These individuals are constructing an art project known as a "garbage wall," which will be displayed in Chicago during September. The wall will be made out of garbage collected from the Chicago, Illinois, Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. According to the news source, the National Resources Defense Council is supporting the project, which it hopes will spread awareness of the issue of pollution in America's waters.

The Environmental Working Group has a list of the most polluted rivers in the U.S. The Mississippi River and Ohio River can be found in the top five of this list.

Recently, The New York Times spoke to Bob Irvin, the president of American Rivers, who explained why water pollution is such a big deal.

"When you think about it, all of those things involve water pollution, the diversion and removal of water from rivers and streams, and preventing them from flowing freely and naturally. You lose all the values people count on – to enjoy rivers for fishing and recreation, and to be able to depend on them for drinking water," said Irvin, quoted by the news source. 

Hopefully, this garbage wall will encourage people to contact their local environmental organizations to learn how they can help reduce water pollution.