Brooklyn residents concerned about pollution from proposed apartment complex

Brooklyn residents concerned about pollution from proposed apartment complex


Pollution is a problem everywhere in the U.S., but major cities may experience poorer air quality than others.This is why individuals in these areas should consider using natural detox products. Often, residents of these cities will come together to raise concerns about pollution in their town and try to do something to stop it.

For example, The New York Post recently reported that residents in Brooklyn are worried about a proposed 700-unit luxury rental apartment complex that may be built above the polluted Gowanus Canal and expressed their fears to the Manhattan-based Lightstone Group.

According to the news source, officials from the group held a forum recently where they listened to residents as they expressed concerns that the proposed apartments would worsen pollution around the already toxic canal.

"I’ve had five feet of raw sewage in my basement during a flash flood," said Richard Beanman, a neighborhood resident since 1987, quoted by the news source. "You’re increasing the sewage by 700 toilets, 700 showers, 700 sinks. They need to [assure] the people who live here that our basements won’t flood. I welcome the planners and architects to come to my house when it rains."

The information provider added that pollution and neglect have turned the canal into a major source of toxic sludge. Health officials have estimated that it would take between 15 and 20 years to clean it up.

In 2011, an article in The New York Times stated that a year-long investigation found that the pollution in the Gowanus Canal was extremely severe and posed a serious threat to the health of residents who consume fish from it or have had too much contact with the water. Cleanup of the river is expected to start in 2015 and cost an estimated $300 million or more.