Chesapeake Bay cleanup is underway and looking up

Chesapeake Bay cleanup is underway and looking up


While anyone may benefit from natural detox products, which can help combat the effects of pollution on the body, people who live in certain areas may have a greater need for organic detox tonics. For example, individuals who live near the Chesapeake Bay may have learned by now that the waters are very polluted, and that something needs to be done to protect both residents who live near the bay and wildlife. Recently, The Baltimore Sun reported that efforts to clean the bay up are underway, and the project is on track to meet its goals.

The news source spoke to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Lisa Jackson, who said that Maryland and the five other states that drain into the bay are making remarkable progress in enhancing their cleaning efforts.

"Most, if not all, the signs are pointing in the right direction," Jackson said at a meeting to review bay restoration work, held this year at Gunston Hall in Northern Virginia, quoted by the news source. "If this were a race, we would hit the accelerator because we know we're on the right path."

Unfortunately, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia have missed some of the cleanup goals that have been set. However, they have still made progress with other pollution reduction plans. For example Maryland has had success in restoring wetlands and getting farmers to plant pollution-absorbing cover crops.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation states that citizens can get involved in the cleanup effort in many different ways. For example, the organization encourages individuals to call their Congressmen and Senators and tell them that clean water is a priority, and urge them to support legislation that will reduce the number of pollutants in the bay. Individuals can also do their part by driving less and by always putting trash into proper receptacles.