Freeway expansion may improve air quality

Freeway expansion may improve air quality


It's always exciting news when a state makes steps to reduce pollution levels. There are many toxins in the environment that may damage the immune system, which is why many individuals take natural detox products to combat them, and also why governments have been working to improve air quality. Recently, The Huffington Post reported that a project to expand a Los Angeles highways could reduce pollution on the California roadways.

Called the I-710 Corridor Project, this initiative aims to increase the number of lanes on the nearly 25-mile freeway, which runs north to south from East Los Angeles to Long Beach. According to the news source, this freeway is a major route for more than 120,000 commuters and 30,000 trucks. Recently, the California Department of Transportation released a report claiming that this project could go a long way in reducing the pollution caused by traffic jams on this freeway.

According to the Environmental Leader, studies have shown that pollution levels spike around a freeway when cars start driving under 45 miles per hour. This is why creating more highways lanes that reduce congestion may improve emissions in California.

This is particularly important for children's health, since the Environmental Protection Agency wrote a letter in March 2012 detailing its concern for how pollution on I-710 impacts children, and encouraging California to use this new expansion project to improve this problem.

"This project will result in a high level of community-wide impacts, in an area that is already heavily burdened from poor air quality related to the goods movement sector," the letter said, quoted by the Post. "Because of the anticipated impacts from this project in this setting, it is critical that the EIS (environmental impact statement) include a robust analysis of the air quality, environmental justice, and children's health impacts that will result."