LEDs help cut light pollution

LEDs help cut light pollution


Natural detox products can help people combat toxins in their body, but individuals need to come together to work to reduce pollutants in their environment. While there's no town in the U.S. that is immune to the effects of pollution, some cities do more than others to improve air quality. For example, The Marshall Democrat-News a Missouri news source, published an article about how light-emitting diode (LED) street lights are working to reduce light pollution in the city of Marshall.

According to National Geographic, light pollution is something scientists are only recently beginning to understand. Often, it is caused by poor lighting design, where artificial light is reflected up into the sky, rather than on the ground where it is needed. The news source states that this can be damaging to the environment because when too much human light is introduced into nature, it can cause problems for many organisms. For example, long artificial days can cause breeding changes in birds, and all of this unnecessary light wastes energy and money.

In response to this, many towns such as Marshall have begun installing LED street lights, which not only have a longer life, but also require lower energy consumption. The town has already installed two of these lights on South Odell Avenue, which is a major street, and are now considering putting in eight more.

"During a regular Board of Public Works meeting Tuesday, Aug. 28, board members were updated on the installation of these lights as well as several [Marshall Municipal Utilities] projects taking place throughout town. According to officials, several LED area lights will also shed light on the Marshall High School parking lot," stated the news source.

Luckily, the price of these lights are going down, and hopefully more towns will install them.