Louisiana experiencing pollution following Hurricane Isaac

Louisiana experiencing pollution following Hurricane Isaac


Individuals who live in and around Louisiana should consider getting natural detox products to help protect themselves from the harmful effects of pollution. According to a recent article published by the Associated Press, weathered oil in the form of tar has washed up on Louisiana beaches following Hurricane Isaac. This has led to fishing restrictions in certain parts of the waters, and some environmental officials are concerned.

The state Wildlife and Fisheries Department initially reported that there was a large mat of tar on one of the beaches, and balls of tar on other beaches. Garret Graves, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's top adviser on coastal issues, said that further investigations found several more tar mats.

Currently, tests are being done to determine if this tar is the product of submerged oil from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon incident. However, officials at BP – the company responsible for the 2010 disasters – were quick to say that it's too soon to tell where the tar came from.

"With many of the southern parishes of Louisiana still inundated with flood waters and not accessible at this time, it is premature to make any claims about possible oiling there – whether it is from the Deepwater Horizon accident or any other source," BP officials said in a statement, quoted by the news source.

As part of the Environmental Protection Agency's Oil Pollution Act, a company that is responsible for a vessel or facility from which oil is discharged is liable for removal costs. This suggests that if the tar is found to be from the 2010 disaster, BP may have to pay for it to be removed.

This isn't the only pollution problem as a result of Hurricane Isaac. Earlier this week, Coast Guard Capt. Peter Gautier said the Coast Guard is investigating about 90 pollution cases following Isaac.