Missouri community works to reduce air pollution

Missouri community works to reduce air pollution


Communities around the U.S. have begun cracking down on air pollution. As more individuals feel the need to use natural detox products just to remove toxins from the body that come from the air they breathe, health officials have been working to make the environment cleaner. For example, KY3, a Missouri news source, recently reported that Springfield is experiencing a drop in air quality following the creation of a new highway.

The new highway has brought with it an increase in traffic, which is causing air quality issues, according to Barbara Lucks, interim sustainability officer with the City of Springfield's Department of Environmental Services. According to Universe Today, emissions from cars are one of the main causes of air pollution and heavy metals in the environment. With so many cars on the road today, it's not surprising that many individuals feel the need for a heavy metal cleanse.

The city of Springfield is working with the Clean Air Alliance to educate the public on ways that they can help reduce the amount of pollutants they release into the air.

"Be smart on the way you drive. Be a defensive driver, make sure your tire pressure is up…make sure your car is well  maintained- it makes a big difference," stated Keith Daugherty, service manager at Rick’s Automotive in Springfield, quoted by the news source.

The information provider said that experts have shown that low tire pressure can cause a car to use more fuel, meaning more emissions into the air.

Daugherty also said that it's important to check the air filter in the car. According to him, the air filter is like the car's breathing apparatus, the more air that gets through, the more efficient it is.