Power plant pollution remains a major problem in the U.S.

Power plant pollution remains a major problem in the U.S.


Parents who are concerned about their children's health should look into natural detox products, especially if they live in Kentucky. Recently, CBS News published an article on a report from the National Resources Defense Council, which found that Kentucky is the worst state in America when it comes to toxic air pollution from coal-fired power plants. The findings were based on the 2010 emissions from power plants across the U.S.

Furthermore, Ohio, which borders Kentucky, was ranked second in the nation for toxic emissions from power plants. Other nearby states such as Tennessee and Indiana also topped the list.  According to the news source, the NRDC claimed that Kentucky officials are doing a poor job of controlling the state's power plants, and have failed to adopt any policies that would require these plants to reduce the amount of toxic substances they emit.

The information provider spoke to the Director of the Kentucky Division for Air Quality, John Lyons, who said that these claims are unfounded.

"That is absolutely untrue," he said, quoted by the news source. "Our fleet of plants in this state is as well-controlled as any other state for that matter. We just have more plants, therefore we have more emissions."

The report also showed that Tennessee was one of the few states in the U.S. to actually increase its output of toxic air pollutants from 2009 to 2010.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, which provides energy for more than 9 million people in the southern states, plans to work to reduce the amount of toxic emissions in the state. According to the TVA's website, the organization hopes to move the state toward a future where people rely less on coal and more on nuclear power.