Summer comes with high air pollution levels

Summer comes with high air pollution levels


While natural detox products can help protect the body from the effects of pollution during any season, these herbal tinctures may particularly come in handy during the summer months. Recently, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer published an article explaining how the hot days of summer may increase pollution levels, and put people at risk of experiencing adverse health effects.

The news source spoke to Washington State Health Officer Maxine Hayes, M.D., who stated that it's important for people who have breathing difficulties to pay particularly close attention to air quality reports on the news. Furthermore, the warmer months increase the risk of forest fires, and breathing in the smoke from these incidents may also damage a person's health.

The information provider stated that summer air pollution is caused by several consecutive days of sunny, hot weather that increases ozone. According to air quality advocacy group Breathe Utah, ozone is a mix of chemicals emitted mainly from vehicle tailpipes, diesel engines and the smokestacks of coal-fired power plants. The organization recommends that during the summer months, people should avoid driving whenever possible and walk, bike or take public transportation instead.

The Intelligencer also had some suggestions for how to avoid the negative health effects of summer pollution.

"When air pollution is high, people should limit outdoor activity and choose less strenuous things to do – such as going for a walk instead of a run. Pollution levels are often highest at midday or in the afternoon, so exercising earlier or later may be reduce exposure. Indoor exercise is another option," according to the news source.

The information provider also recommended that people use the American Lung Association State of the Air application for smartphones, which offers individuals information on the air quality in their area.