The debate continues over proposed EPA carbon regulations

The debate continues over proposed EPA carbon regulations


Recently, supporters, public health officials and scientists testified at public hearings in Chicago and Washington, DC in favor of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Carbon Pollution Standard, which would be the first limit ever set on carbon pollution from power plants. It is this kind of pollution that causes people to seek a heavy metal cleanse or natural detox products.

According to an article in The Huffington Post by Mary Ann Hitt, director of the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign, thousands of Americans have already spoken out via email in support of these standards to protect human health and clean air. Hitt spoke at the DC meeting and published what she had said to the panel.

"If anything, the EPA is arriving late in the game, following in the footsteps of community leaders, governors, state regulators, and financiers who all realized, in the past decade, that new power plants in this country must deal with their carbon pollution. I support the proposed standard, and I encourage you to finalize it with all due haste," Hitt told the hearing, quoted by the news source.

Mass Live reports that according to the EPA, power plants are the largest individual sources of carbon pollution in the U.S. Currently, there are no uniform limits on the amount of carbon pollution that future power plants will be allowed to emit. The proposal will set these limits for future plants, yet does not apply to existing ones.

According to the news source, coal-producing states, industry groups and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are leading a charge against the proposed regulations. They say that these regulations will place the U.S. at an economic disadvantage with developing countries like China and India, and will hurt business.