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NDF Plus® (Organic)

NDF Plus® safely removes toxic heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, organochlorides and BPA while balancing nutrient and mineral levels. NDF Plus® is a gentle detoxifying formula for sensitive individuals with assimilation, immune and/or digestive issues.*

Health Benefits:

  • Improves memory and immune function*
  • Inhibits excessive histamine response*
  • Eliminates brain fog*
  • Increases vitality, energy & focus*
  • Improves tolerance of environment*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

1 oz - UPC: 736211464958
4 oz - UPC: 689076816199

Made in the United States.

Gentle Heavy Metal & Chemical Detoxifier*


At BIORAY® we have married ancient Chinese Medicine with science to bring you the most effective all natural products.

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    1. Detox for Pets!

      I recommended heavy metal detox to a friend who's dog was suffering. The product was NDF Plus from Bioray; gentle organic detox dietary supplement drops for humans. The dog is still going strong and is now a happy chappy. on 27th May 2016

    2. Our patients love NDF


    3. Love the NDF Plus!

      Seeing wonderful results in my little girl. Thank you! on 7th Jul 2015

    4. Thank you

      Excellent product. My children use it twice a day to detox. We would not go without it. on 7th Jan 2015

    5. Thank you!

      I am very grateful to have this to give to patients to get started detoxing.
      Thanks for your good work.
      on 25th Mar 2014

    6. Feel Safer and Healthier

      I had my mercury fillings out a few months ago. I knew there were a variety of ideas about how to detox, but when I read about NDF, I knew it was the one thing I would trust.

      I was overly zealous at first, and did get a detox reaction after taking too much too soon (also had a massage and infra-red sauna, for full disclosure).

      I've backed off to the smaller dosage and am feeling warmer and clearer in general. I've also started giving it to a couple of my children.
      on 3rd Jan 2014

    7. Mercury Removal

      I recently had all my amalgams removed. My homeopath suggested that I take NDF Plus (Organic)to remove the Mercury that's lodged in the body. I was skeptical, but I went ahead and began with one drop the first day, then two, then three. After trying 4 drops I began to have symptoms of detoxing, so I went back to 3 drops a day as my homeopath suggested. Very simple and effective. on 12th Sep 2013

    8. Improvements with diluted drops!

      We are still on diluted drops of NDF PLUS. The positives we see are improvements in speech and more interest to interact with us. on 12th Jun 2013

    9. A Godsend

      After struggling with a myriad of emotional and physical problems for over 20 years - I was diagnosed with SEVERELY high levels of lead and mercury. I did as much IV chelation as I could afford but my levels were still considered toxic.

      I found NDF PLUS and began using it as a natural heavy metal detoxifier. My metal levels dropped dramatically over the next year as I combined NDF with high dose vitamin C, zinc and magnesium. I felt so much better on all fronts so I discontinued the NDF Plus but continued with Vitamin C, zinc and magnesium.

      When my metal levels tested high again in a couple of years, new tests revealed that I have a genetic issue in which my body just does not process metals out. NDF Plus does a fantastic job with this. I use it daily, just a one or two-drop maintenance dose to keep my metal levels low and safe.

      A very effective product and worth every penny!
      on 21st Mar 2013

    10. Awesome all around product

      We have used NDF+ since the start of our biomed journey. Our doctor especially recommended NDF+ for my son as an add-on to our other heavy metal detox procotol to "mop up" the excess gunk being pulled out. NDF+ is also an incredible product to use for chlorine exposure. I no longer have to tell my son he can't swim in chlorinated water because of the nasty side effects - the NDF+ has completely taken care of that problem. I highly recommend it! on 21st Jan 2012

  • Suggested Use

    Intake Instructions:

    Adults: 3 - 6 drops in 6 - 8 oz of filtered water twice (2x) a day. Increase intake by 6 drops every other day until intake is 52 drops twice (2x) a day. Stay hydrated with lemon and water. Ensure bowels are moving daily.

    Children & Sensitive Individuals: Start with 1 drop per day in 4 - 6 ounces of filtered water or juice once (1x) a day in the morning. Increase by 1 drop every 3 - 4 days, as tolerated. Work up to 26 drops twice (2x) a day.

    To avoid harmful side effects of chlorine: Take 3 - 4 drops prior to and/or after swimming.
    • Removes toxic metals including lead, mercury, arsenic, uranium, thallium, cadmium, antimony and aluminum.
    • Removes chemicals and pesticides including Lindane, dioxin, BPA, phthalates and chlorine.
    • Binds to endotoxins and exotoxins.
    • Balances essential nutrients as it contains naturally occurring amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
    • Provides natural occurring fulvic acid, antioxidant and free-radical scavenger, serving to balance cell life.

    NDF Plus® Ingredients: Micronized Yaeyama Chlorella, Organic Cilantro, PolyFlor™ cell wall lysates of: L. rhamnosus, B. bifidum, L. acidophilus, B. infantis, B. longum, L. thermophilus, L. plantarum, L. salivarius, L. reuteri, L. casei, L. bulgaricus, and L. acidophilus DDS-1, Agaricus Blazei mushroom, Reishi mushroom, Cordyceps mushroom, Horsetail herb and Milk thistle seeds. Other Ingredients: Deionized water and gluten-free grain alcohol (20% by volume). Made with organic ingredients.

    Shelf Life: 5 years
    Storage: Store in cupboard. No refrigeration necessary.

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