One detox that does it all...BIORAY's 45-Day Total Body Detox

Start the year off right with the one detox that does it all ... $24 a day for 45-days to feel good all year long! This program works in harmony with your body to:  


  • Eliminate Heavy Metals, Unwanted Organisms and Toxic Chemicals
  • Increase Energy and Balance Moods
  • Attain Optimum Body Shape for Your Metabolism
  • Enhance Your Digestion, Bowel and Immune Function
  • Balance Hormones, Adrenal and Endocrine Function

You will be able to snack and enjoy a diet rich in cooked food and protein. This is a not a starvation protocol.

"I love how I feel and look when I eat the foods on the BIORAY 45-Day Total Body Detox! I lost 29 lbs and 2 dress sizes in 45 days and have a toned body! Without a doubt the best health program I have ever done!" Jennifer C. Age 32

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