Organic Ingredients

agaricus-blazei.jpgAgaricus blazei
Liver Life, NDF Plus

Agaricus Blazei (Himmematsutake) is traditionally known as "God's Mushroom" due to its health enhancing effects. It is the richest source of beta glucans. This medicinal mushroom balances the T cell activity which modulates the immune system and supports the healing process. Research shows that Himmematsutake enhances the activity of white blood cells known as macrophages, which filter the blood by engulfing and destroying viruses, bacteria, yeast, heavy metals, pollutants, and bits of dead tissue. It is also known to inhibit histamine, which results in decreased aggravations.

Mouth Magic, NDF, NDF Plus

Chlorella, a single celled algae, is well known for strengthening the immune system and stimulating the body's natural detox process. It helps restore damaged neurons, stimulates tissue growth and repair, macrophage, t-cells and interferon activity. Chlorella helps to restore beneficial bacteria and sanitizes the intestines, stomach and bowel. Research shows it binds to and removes heavy metals, PCBs, ethionine, pesticides, insecticides, hydrocarbons, and radioactive substances in the intestines.


Cilantro is a free radical scavenger that works to increase the excretion of mercury, lead, and aluminum intra-cellularly. This herb has is known to have calming properties, and support healthy levels of bacteria and fungi due to its rich volatile oils. 

elk-antler-tips.jpgDeer antler tips
Lady Passion, Red Rooster

Deer antler tips have been known to support muscle strength, thyroid function, circulation, mental alertness, metabolism, and to reduce stress. Deer antler tips have also been used to increase libdo, heighten sexual experiences, improve stamina, increase fertility, and to regulate the testosterone and estrogen levels in the body.

tang-kuei.jpgDong quai
Lady Passion, Red Rooster

Dong quai was traditionally used to support the female reproductive system. It has also been known to help strengthen reproductive organs, the heart, spleen, liver and kidneys. Tang Kuei stimulates the central nervous system and has an adaptogenic effect on the hormonal system.

Red Rooster

Epimedium has been known to revitalize the body, increase energy and circulation, improve metabolic rate, as well as, decrease inflammation, elevated cortisol and fatigue. This herb has been known to improve libido, support erectile function, increase sperm production, and promote normal hormonal balance.

fulvic-acid.jpgFulvic acid complexes
NDF Plus

Fulvic acid is an organic natural electrolyte that activates enzyme systems, accelerates growth and healing of tissues, transports nutrients into the cells and makes all nutrients bioavailable. Fulvic acid increases absorption of oxygen, decreases acidity, and helps to correct chemical and hormonal imbalances. This electrolyte is especially active in binding to free radicals and dissolving minerals and metals, transforming them into a bio-available form. Fulvic acid enables higher levels of cellular communication, restores electrical balance to cells, and neutralizes toxins.

walnut-hull.jpgGreen walnut hull
Artemisia & Clove

Green walnut hulls help to rid the body of intestinal parasites and tapeworms. They reduce constipation, heal skin conditions. Green walnut hulls are effective in removing ringworm, tetter, candida and other pests.

Artemisia & Clove

Health benefits of Clove can be attributed to their antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac and stimulating properties. Clove is beneficial to the nervous system, helps to clean the blood, improves circulation, and is effective in removing various types of intestinal worms and parasites. Clove is the only herb found effective in killing the eggs of the various parasites.

Loving Energy, Red Rooster, Lady Passion

Licorice is known to be a digestive tonic. It helps to build energy and rid the body of toxins without any side effects. This herb has anti-aggravation properties, provides basic nutrients to the adrenal glands, helps build and strengthen muscle, and will harmonize all the ingredients in an herbal formula.

Lady Passion, Red Rooster

Lycium has been known to fortify the body, improve circulation, enhance the immune system, and stimulate the nervous system. Lycium is a powerful antioxidant that also strengthens the lower body, increases sexual fluids, and enhances fertility.

maitake.jpgMaitake (grifola ponderosa)
Liver Life

Maitake strengthens the body and improves overall health. It protects liver tissue caused by environmental toxins, inhibits both the accumulation of liver lipids and the elevation of serum lipids. This medicinal mushroom contains a unique beta-glucan called D-fraction which protects the body by stimulating immune cells and activates macrophage which devour microorganisms that produce unwanted health conditions. It also assists the body in adapting to physical and emotional stress.

nanopearls.jpgPearl powder (calcium and magnesium)
Oral Detox Pro

Micronized pearl powder has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for more than 3,000 years to help protect, rejuvenate, and beautify skin and teeth. Micronized pearl powder helps with removal of toxins, has a calming effect, and assists in the growth of healthy teeth and bones.

reishi.jpgReishi (Ganoderma Lucidum)
Loving Energy, NDF Plus, Liver Life

Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) is well known for balancing bodily functions, enhancing wellness, vitality, strength and vigor. This medicinal mushroom has immune modulating properties, restores homeostatis, improves liver function and oxygen utilization. Reishi improves blood circulation and adrenocortal functions, enhances nk cell activity, inhibits histamine response.