How NDF® and NDF Plus® Benefit Chemical Detoxifiers


how-ndf-and-ndf-plus-benefi.pngEnvironmental risk factors play a role in more than 80% of the diseases regularly reported by the World Health Organization[1]. In children alone, the costs of environment related disease is estimated at $76.6 billion[2]. In adults it is the underlying causal factor in debilitating and costly degenerative diseases. World conditions for men, women, and children make it a priority to address daily and certainly biannual detoxification protocols. 

Utilizing the balance of science, nature, and western medicine is one of the gifts of the modern era. It is the authors belief that all methods of healing be integrated and employed to address the needs of the individual and achieve the balance and vitality of a healthy body. 

This paper serves to examine four heavy metal detoxifiers; DMSA and DMPS, inorganic or man-made detoxifiers and NDF® and NDF Plus®, organic or all natural detoxifying agents. We will discuss their properties, benefits and limitations and how combining natural methods with western medicine provides a safety net while significantly increasing positive results.

A Case Study
Male, 10 year old presents as a “non-excretor” of heavy metals. He is treated with an IV DMPS  “challenge” to promote excretion of heavy metals, his results are less than impressive in column two below. His next  IV DMPS challenge includes ingesting 7 drops of NDF Plus® 2x a day along with 8 drops of Liver Life™ 2x a day in water. This increases his excretion of heavy metals dramatically over his baseline IV DMPS. Patient begins to remove mercury and other toxic heavy metals with the addition of a M.I.E.R. detoxifier and liver and kidney drainage support.



[2] Leonardo Trasande, Yinghua Liu. Reducing The Staggering Costs Of Environmental Disease In Children, Estimated At $76.6 Billion In 2008. Health Affairs, 2011; DOI: 10.1377/hlthaff.2010.1239