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Aug 28 2015:

BIORAY Kids Offers Free Back to School Webinar for Parents to Learn Solutions for Developmental Issues in Kids

Bioray Inc,a manufacturer of liquid herbal tinctures, announced the company is offering a free webinar for the upcoming school year regarding the negative impact environmental toxins have on kids' ability to pay attention and focus.

May 28 2015:

As GMO Health Risks Escalate, Bioray talks GMO Facts and What Parents Need to Know

Research shows chlorella, an ingredient found in NDF® SHINE and NDF® CALM helps to benefit RNA and DNA cell structure in the human body, so important in kids exposed to GMO-spiked food. NDF® CALM contains additional ingredients that support the liver's ability to naturally detoxify these toxic chemicals.

May 06 2015:

BIORAY Kids Tackles Spring Histamine Issues

​​​​​​​In a recent article posted on the BIORAY Kids website and social media pages entitled “Histamine: The Dark Side of Spring,” the trailblazing company explains how high histamine can stimulate circulation and increases blood flow that may cause a child to experience many behavioral changes.

April 15 2015:

BIORAY releases NDF Mouth Rinse as the Mercury Toxicity Debate Rages On

With widespread speculation regarding the safety of mercury, and studies suggesting negative health effects, NDF Mouth Rinse from Bioray offers support for individuals with amalgam fillings.

March 20 2015:

Bioray Warns Public of Adrenal Exhaustion; Offers Simple Solutions

Most Americans experience adrenal exhaustion on a daily basis. In fact, those who experience frequent energy "crashes" or feeling as if they could fall asleep at their desk can probably assume that fatigue and lack of energy can be directly linked to depleted adrenal function.

March 03 2015:

BIORAY Announces BIORAY KIDS Product Line Now Available At Sprouts Markets

Recently Released Line of Herbal Dietary Supplements Designed for Children Continues Impressive Growth with Distribution Plans through Sprouts Markets 190 Locations. 

Aug 20 2014:

BIORAY kids and Mother’s Markets Partner for OC Kids Health

Bioray Inc, the manufacturer of organic, Non-GMO liquid dietary supplements, has announced that all seven Orange County locations of Mother’s Markets will carry their entire line of BIORAY® kids products.

Aug 06 2014:

Bioray's NDF Mouth Rinse Offers Hope For Individuals With Dental Fillings

A study conducted using the Genesis Labs AAS (atomic absorption spectroscopy) Hg253 mercury vapor analyzer shows that NDF® Mouth Rinse binds with 100% of the mercury vapor released in the oral cavity from silver amalgam fillings.

July 21 2014:

Hot Summer Months Bring Chlorine and Toxin Risks For Swimmers

“Swimming is such a beneficial activity for everyone, especially kids. We are proud that Bioray can offer a safe, natural product to help mitigate potential irritations from exposure.” said product specialist Tami Wilken.

July 10 2014:

Focus Issues in Children Linked to Air Pollution & Environmental Toxins

“I have always suspected that as exposure to daily toxins increase, that there would be a cumulative impact that could be making our kids even more susceptible to behavioral and learning conditions. The findings in this study now show a definitive link between environmental pollution and some types of learning disabilities,” said Bioray CEO Stephanie Ray.

June 20 2014:

LAB RELEASE: BIORAY’s Unique Probiotic Lysate Formula Balances the GastroIntestinal Tract, Enhances Detoxification and Reduces Mitochondrial Irritation

A 5 year old child who initially struggled with behaviors and has a diminished ability to communicate has experienced a significant improvement in symptoms after 3 months on CytoFlora.

June 10 2014:

Lassen's Natural Foods and BIORAY kids Offer Free “Your Child & Environmental Toxins” Lectures in June

Due to popular demand, Lassen’s Natural Food Stores has announced that expert on environmental toxicity Stephanie Ray, has been scheduled to make two in-store appearances in June at Lassen’s Natural Foods Bakersfield and Ventura locations.

June 02 2014:

With Disclosure of Triclosan Dangers, Natural Solutions Offer Hope, Relief

Unless you are living in the country, making your own soap and personal care items or living off the land, your family has been exposed to this toxic chemical. However, the good news is – nature always has a solution. Research shows chlorella, found in NDF® & NDF Plus®, removes and biodegrades triclosan.

April 21 2014:

Childhood Toxicity Expert Stephanie Ray Set for BlogTalkRadio Appearance

The show titled, “Toxic Overload in Children and how that can Affect their Health” is expected to draw a wide audience of parents, educators, and health professionals-all whom share a common bond for keeping children healthy, both mentally and physically.

April 03 2014:

New Statistics Raises Questions on Family Pets Exposure to Toxins

Bioray Inc, a manufacturer of liquid herbal tinctures for detoxification and organ support, is speaking out about the possible effects that environmental and other household toxins have on pets. The company, known for their promotion and advocacy of common sense, policies on environmental toxins, spoke out to consumers to alert them to the dangers of everyday household products and the health of dogs and cats.

March 25 2014:

Lassen's Natural Foods Offers Free Lecture From Environmental Toxicity Expert Stephanie Ray

Bioray Inc, The Natural Detox Company, is pleased to announce that Stephanie Ray, BIORAY’s President and CEO is scheduled to make appearances at Lassen’s Natural Food Stores. Ray, an expert in environmental toxicity, will be visiting the Bakersfield and Ventura stores in California in early April to promote the new BIORAY kids product line.

March 04 2014:

BIORAY®Inc, The Natural Detox Company, Announces Expo West Appearance Dates

The BIORAY® kids product line has experienced a surge of interest recently with their groundbreaking modern day essential kid formulas.

February 09 2014:

BIORAY® Environmental Toxins Expert to Speak About Children’s Health in Florida

Renowned expert of environmental toxicity issues, Stephanie Ray, is set to make two appearances February 12 and 13 at Chamberlin’s Natural Foods market in Florida to discuss the impact environmental toxins may play in children’s developmental issues.

February 05 2014:

BIORAY® kids NDF® shine Submitted for Best Finished Product 2014 NutrAward

Bioray has submitted NDF® shine, a unique probiotic lysate tincture proven to push the ‘bad bugs’ out of the gastrointestinal tract and colon and prepare for recolonization of healthy flora. Improving digestive health is imperative as research suggests a strong link between developmental issues in children with impaired digestion.

November 29 2012:

BIORAY® Introduces After the Flow™- the perfect rejuvenating formula for women who want to strengthen their femininity naturally

After The Flow™ nourishes and strengthens the blood and body after a woman's menstrual cycle. Improvement of absentmindedness is noted when used regularly.

November 29 2012:

BIORAY® Introduces Before the Flow™ -- every woman’s answer to the multitude of feelings and discomfort associated with PMS

Before the Flow™ is a traditional Chinese formula that soothes and supports a woman's body before her menstrual cycle by tonifying the blood and regulating menses.


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