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How NDF® and NDF Plus® Benefit Chemical Detoxifiers 
Published in the peer-reviewed Explore Magazine, this article discusses how NDF® and NDF Plus® benefit Chemical Detoxifiers. 

BIORAY's CytoFlora Supports a Healthy GI Tract and Immune System
Cell Wall Lysed Probiotic Tincture Decreases Immune Response to Levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) and immunoglobulin m (IgM) 
Cytoflora is a natural supplement and the world’s first probitoic tincture, containing beneficial bacteria that have been cell wall decimated and suspended in liquid as a tincture.  Primary physiological effects noted in this intervention study include the correction of intestinal dysbiosis, removal of pathogens from the gastro-intestinal tract and the creation of an optimal environment for healthy intestinal flora to colonize and flourish.

Healthy Liver in Immune and Neuro-Compromised Children presentation 
How a healthy liver can assist in restoring health in children. 

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The pH Management of Heavy Metal Detox 

A new paradigm of thinking regarding acid alkaline balance is presented in this article. The urine represents what we are eliminating, ideally acidic wastes. The saliva represents what we are keeping. In people with vibrant health, normal urine pH is about 5.8; normal saliva pH is about 7. 

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Unwanted Organisms, A Metropolitan Epidemic? 

As they metabolize and excrete, they release neurotoxins which skewer the emotions and mental functions; toxins that acidify the tissues and predispose one to chronic degenerative diseases.