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The Children's Total Body Detox (Organic)

This truly is the ultimate detoxification for children. This kit rebuilds the liver, and cleanses the GI tract & colon. It safely and successfully removes heavy metals, chemicals and unwanted organisms. An organic protocol based on clinical experience, labs, and patient feedback.

Health Benefits:

  • Supports the body’s natural detoxification abilities
  • Balances the gastrointestinal tract and colon
  • Removes unwanted organisms and toxins
  • Improves neurological function
  • Balances essential elements
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.
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At BIORAY® we have married ancient Chinese Medicine with science to bring you the most effective all natural products.

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    1. Children's TBD helped make the HUGE improvement in my child's ATEC score!

      ATEC score for month 2 on the Children’s Total Body Detox: 39!!!! (Original score before starting the protocol: 57!). Thank-you Bioray!!!
      We have noticed an increase in affection, communication, improvement in social skills and critical thinking. He also has a desire to write (which he refused to do). His fine and gross motor are also improving. My son is 5.
      BioRay is the only new intervention we have added. He also does OT, PT, Speech, Music Therapy, and chiropractic adjustments and is Organic GFCFSF low sugar. We are using most of the additional recommended supplements in BioRay’s Total Body Detox as well.
      on 31st Oct 2012

  • Suggested Use

    Refer to Children’s Total Body Detox Kit Guide
    What’s in the Children’s Total Body Detox Kit:
    • 1 NDF Plus® 1-ounce bottle
    • 2 Liver Life® 4-ounce bottles
    • 4 CytoFlora® 4-ounce bottles
    • 2 Oxy Powder® 120 capsule bottles
    • 4 Loving Energy™ 2-ounce bottles
    • 1 K-Min 100 capsule bottle
    • 2 Artemisia & Clove™ 2-ounce bottles
    • 1 Activated Charcoal 100 capsule bottle
    • 1 pH Tape - 1 roll
    • 1 Saccharomyces Boulardii 50 capsule bottle
    • 1 Copy of the Children’s Total Body Detox Guide
    What's Inside the Guide?
    • What Is This All About? An Introduction to BioRay's Organic Detox
    • Understanding GI & Colon Function
    • The Liver & Healthy pH - Immune Health
    • Remove Heavy Metals, Chemicals & Unwanted Organisms
    • Begin Your Child's Detox - 2 Basic Steps
    • Basic Guidelines - Understanding the Principles
    • What to Eat and Why - Children's Steps and Products
    • Supplements - Explanation and Dosing
    • Supplement Calendar
    • Supplement Intake Guide
    • Total Body Detox Recommended Foods
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    Some Non-Bioray supplements recommended in this protocol are not included. This is due to parents’ individual preference for specific supplement manufacturers. Our clinical experience indicates it is very beneficial to include them to address all systems and bring the body into balance.

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