Tips to Fight Off Seasonal Sensitivity, Plus SHEN-FOCUS™ Bonus Recipes!

Stephanie's SHEN-FOCUS™ bonus recipes!
June is almost over and as a thank you to all of our wonderful BIORAY® friends, Stephanie's created bonus SHEN-FOCUS™ recipes that are sure to leave you clear-headed, focused and energized! Check out BIORAY's healthy refreshing summer drinks that replenish the adrenals and assist with focus and clarity... 
Sparkling Loving Energy Lemonade w/Apricot-Basil

Tips to Fight Off Seasonal Sensitivity

Pollutants can take a toll on anyone, which is why many people use organic detox products to reduce the effects of toxins on the body. Individuals who have a high histamine response may feel the effects of pollution particularly strongly during the warmer months, which may result in breathing problems. Recently, Josh Wagner, M.D. released some suggestions for warding off the symptoms of seasonal sensitivity... 

Additional Herbs Known to Support the Immune System & Histamine Response
Additional herbs known to support the immune system and histamine response can be found in BIORAY's  Loving Energy™. Some of the ingredients listed here will give you the rationale behind the formula.
  • Solomon’s Seal root supports the lungs and is moistening, important during histamine season.
  • Reishi Mushroom called “the mushroom of immortality” is such a potent immune builder it is also noted to boost the spirit and promote sound sleep.
  • Schizandra berry, an adaptogenic herb promotes mental function, strengthens internal organs and supports the central nervous system.
  • Eleuthero Ginseng another adaptogenic herb, helps the body respond to stressors. That can be anything from physical stress, such as illness or injury, to emotional. Since the adrenal glands are a primary way the body manages stress, Eleutherococcus supports adrenal function.
  • Licorice Root provides compounds that work with the body to support healthy lungs, throat, and overall bronchial and respiratory function. Licorice is also used to support our natural healthy energy levels and blood sugar levels already in healthy range.
To further support removing pollution, you can add products to Loving Energy™ such as NDF Plus®  to bind toxins and better get to the root of the problem and support the immune system.