Why Use Chinese Herbal Supplements?

 Why Use Chinese Herbal Supplements?

Chinese herbal formulas are famous for their potent effects of balancing the body.  But the formulas have been kept secret, reserved for and used by wise men and women for centuries to promote lasting health and longevity. Herbs that promote longevity also promote a lust for life.
At BioRay we offer you the benefits of those ancient secrets in formulations that are effective in present time, using organic ingredients and laboratory tests to ensure safety and efficacy of our herbal formulas. 

The Herbal Kingdom
Throughout the centuries, people from all parts of the world have intuitively used plants for healing. Complete and sophisticated systems of Traditional Herbology have evolved around empirical knowledge (trial & error) gained about how they effect the human body and mind.  Of these systems, BioRay uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

What’s in an Herb?

Herbs are selected plants that are known through centuries of human consumption to be non-poisonous and to have healing properties. The body uses these substances as a food, taking what it needs and what it cannot use, leaves through normal elimination pathways. 

Tonic herbs are nutrients and have no side effects. They enhance an already healthy and functioning person to have superior performance in a given area. Herbs contain many constituents: minerals, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, chlorophyll, alkaloids, oils, resins, mucilage, cellulose, tannins, polysaccharides, terpines, and trace elements of nutrients.

Each plant selects from the soil, air and water the exact combination of synergistic ingredients it needs to create and sustain itself. It is important to note that the benefit of an herb is directly related to its quality. BioRay procures all herbs in the United States from certified organic growers with years of growing and harvesting experience.  

What's in an Herbal Formula?

wdis-scale.jpg An herbal formula is a combination of synergistic single herbs that fulfill a given purpose.  Over time it has been discovered that herbs can be strengthened, guided, buffered, and modified by combining them into a formula. In an herbal remedy, the exact selection of the single herbs and their proportions are crucial to producing its overall effect.