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Ease PMS Symptoms & Decrease Cramping

85-90% of all women experience some premenstrual symptoms.

PMS is a sign that the downward flow of the body's vital energy, known as Qi, is compromised. When the descending flow of the Qi has been disrupted at the onset of menses, it's not uncommon to experience pain including head pain or tightening of the jaw. PMS in Traditional Chinese herbalism is called "liver Qi stagnation" which is also a causal issue with moodiness and heightened emotions.


After a woman's menstrual cycle, many women feel depleted due to the loss of blood. The body must restore and rebuild the uterine lining and the follicles that are shed during menses. It is no wonder women who do not nourish their body with nutrient rich foods and herbs experience a lack of energy or low libido, during and after their menstrual cycle.

Before The Flow™ soothes and supports a woman's body before her menstrual cycle. It is an added support to help guard against stagnant liver qi. When the energetic system of the liver is smooth and not stagnant, a woman is far less likely to feel stressed out, impatient, irritable, angry or have the tendency to lash out emotionally at the world. In traditional Chinese herbalism Before The Flow™ tonifies the blood and regulates the menses. When used regularly, this supreme herbal supplement reduces stress and frustration and heightens a woman's sense of well-being.*

Before The Flow Health Benefits:

  • Diminishes normal symptoms of PMS
  • Heightens a woman's sense of well-being
  • Improves a woman's ability to cope with emotions
  • Relieves stress and exhaustion
  • Improves focus

ScienceBehind the Herbs

Poria (fu ling): reduces water retention associated with menstruation, reduces blood sugar (blood sugars prior to periods can run higher due to hormones, relaxes the intestines, has a mild sedative effect, and contains polysaccharides that inhibit unhealthy cells.

Dong Quai (Tang Kuei Body) - relieves menstrual cramps (pain), PMS and menopausal symptoms. Blood purifier, used for infertility, tired blood antihistamine impact, helps with skin color (pigmentation) and skin issues (the hormonal breakout!)

Chinese Salvia Root - Activates, nourishes the blood, removes blood stasis, regulates menstruation, calms the spirit.

Ligustrum: One of the most commonly prescribed for menopausal symptoms. It also supports healthy heart rhythms, reduces sleep issues, anxious feelings, relieves weakness and sleep issues as well as hot flashes related to menopause.

Shan Zhu Yu (Cornus) - controls body fluids and reduces excessive sweating and urination.

Gou Teng (Uncaria) - Lymph drainage, immune support, beneficial effect on memory. In one study, human volunteers who took Cat's claw for 8 weeks showed improved DNA repair.

Turmeric - a warming herb, reduces intestinal gas formation and helps to expel intestinal gas. Eases the discomforts of woman's monthly menstruation and regulates its flow.

White Peony relieves muscle cramps.

Astragalus Root: Increase the body's energy and resistance levels, making it greatly beneficial to individuals with lower resistance to illnesses due to stress and overwork.

Rehmannia Root:relieves lower back pain from overwork (it replenishes the vital essence of the kidneys), regulates menstrual flow, replenishes energy and focus and decreases anxious feelings.

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