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Build & Strengthen Your Blood During & After Your Menstrual Cycle

According to traditional Chinese medicine, menstruation is a cycle that occurs in four phases: the period, the post-period, ovulation, and post-ovulation. Specific physiological changes occur in each of these four phases. After a woman's menstrual cycle, her body must restore and rebuild the uterine lining and the follicles that are shed during her menses.

The term "period" in reference to menstruation dates back to 1822.

Nourish the Blood and Strengthen the Body

After The Flow™ targets "the post-period" phase by including high quality herbs that have a rich history of nourishing the blood, replenishing the adrenals and strengthening the body after a woman's menstrual cycle. Improvement of absentmindedness, regular ovulation, and increase in sexual appetite is noted when used regularly.

After The Flow™ Health Benefits:

  • Heightens a woman's sense of well-being
  • Nourishes and strengthens the blood
  • Improves alertness and energy
  • Relieves stress and exhaustion
  • Improves focus

ScienceBehind the Herbs

Codonopsis (Dang Shen), an ingredient in After The Flow™, is traditionally known in Chinese medicine to replenish the blood and build energy. It promotes the production of bodily fluids and is a major immune system tonic. An extremely effective herb for relieving exhaustion, the Chinese also recommend Codonopsis to nursing mothers as it assists with the production of milk.

Astragalus (Huang Qi) is a potent immune system tonic known to strengthen muscle. It also has a special protective Qi which circulates just under the skin and muscle-tissue. It improves metabolic function and supports organs. It is often included in formulas which support the spleen. Spleen energy is essential for digestion and grounding the body in its environment. Huang Qi is good for people with frequent changes in life's direction, those with a"flighty" disposition, and those who find difficulty making important decisions.

Rehmannia prepared (Di Huang Root) is an excellent blood tonic and is used to replenish vitality by rebuilding the body during recovery from illness. It is known as the "kidneys' food". Kidney energy is associated with longevity and is the source of life in Chinese medicine. Rehmannia is known for its anti-aging, rejuvenating and longevity-inducing attributes. It supports sexual function in both women and men.

Ass Hide Glue enriches the blood and was stronger than iron supplements in one study. It contains 18 amino acids and over 20 microelements, such as iron, copper, calcium, manganese, etc. It is well known as top grade nutrition for bodybuilders.

Psoralea Fruit Seed (Bu Gu Zhi Wan) primarily addresses a deficiency of the lower burner, heavy arms and legs, profuse night sweats and strengthening of the bones.

Deer Antler Tips nourishes the blood, bones and joints

White Peony Root relieves muscle cramps

Licorice Root enhances energy, eases stress, irritability and bloating while decreasing fatigue, muscle pain, sleep issues and tender joints.

Ligusticum Wallachi Root is especially beneficial for the liver, gallbladder and pericardium. It relieves pain, dizziness, irregular menstrual cycles and promotes healthy blood and qi circulation.