Your Child's Gut and Brain are Connected

While they may be apart when it comes to distance, the brain and gut are very interconnected organs. Harvard Medical School says that "gut-wrenching" experiences and "butterflies" in the stomach are real expressions that show the fascinating connection between the gut and brain.

Even the thought of eating certain foods can trigger enzymes in the stomach hours before we sit down to eat. This shows that the brain waves have a direct impact on the digestive system - and the relationship between the two organs goes both ways. Having sluggish bowel movements or an irritated intestinal tract can affect much more than just your child's digestive health - it can affect their stress levels as well. This is why some of us feel nauseous before a major deadline at work or before giving a big speech. For a child who is not very social or perhaps can't always find the right words, they may feel anxious when simply interacting with other kids or trying to have a conversation.  

Psychology and several physical factors can work together to create problems in the gut. Because of this connection, many practitioners address gastrointestinal issues with physiological outcomes. Stress can also cause loose stools, tummy aches and an imbalance in acid in your child's GI tract. 


  • Eating too much or not enough
  • Communication issues
    • limited speech
    • talking too fast
    • stumbling over words
    • can't find the right words
  • Being shy or withdrawn
  • Feeling anxious often
  • Difficulty completing tasks
  • Chronic defiance

NDF Belly BalanceTo make sure your child's gut- brain connection is properly supported, we recommend NDF BELLY BALANCE®. It is a probiotic lysate which supports your child's healthy mind, body and spirit*. In BIORAY's intervention studies with kids, the ingredients in NDF BELLY BALANCE® have been found to enhance the integrity of the gut lining, improve the immune response and overall health.* This resulted in all kids experiencing a reduction of irritating behaviors, and amplified communication and sociability.*


  • Improves speech and communication*
  • Enhances sociability*
  • Reduces stomach aches*
  • Supports healthy bowel movements*


  • Pushes bad bugs out of the gut and bowels*
  • Supports gastrointestinal immunity (IgA)*
  • Restores gastrointestinal integrity (IgM)*
  • Binds to and removes toxins*
  • Has trace minerals, vitamins, RNA/DNA*

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