1. Can I give all six of BIORAY Kids® formulas to my child at the same time?

    We recommend introducing one product at a time. Wait 24 hours before introducing the next product. This is standard practice for introducing anything new into your child’s diet or supplement intake. Take NDF Sleepy® and NDF Pooper® as needed.

  2. How do I use these formulas?

    Give 1 dropper 1-2 times per day for children 50 lbs or less. Give 2 droppers 1-2 times per day for kids over 50 lbs.

  3. Is NDF® in the BIORAY Kids® line the same as the formula in the Professional line NDF®?

    No. BIORAY Kids® products NDF HAPPY®, NDF CALM®, NDF BELLY BALANCE™ and NDF FOCUS® have 25% the binding capabilities of regular NDF®. They contain micronized chlorella for mopping up daily exposures which avoids depositing these toxins in the tissues. This is a special formula that kids tolerate daily.

  4. How long will a bottle of BIORAY Kids last?

    If you are following intake on the label or box; a 2 ounce bottle is a 2 month supply for children under 50 lbs. It is a 1 month supply for children over 50 lbs.
    If you are following intake on the label or box; a 4 ounce bottle is a 4 month supply for children under 50 lbs. It is a 2 month supply for children over 50 lbs.

  5. When do I use BIORAY® Professional products instead of the BIORAY Kids® line for my child?

    When you have successfully supported healthy organ function and removed systemic toxic heavy metals and chemicals with BIORAY® Professional products, you can switch to BIORAY Kids® for maintenance. Then, once or twice a year, we recommend a concentrated "cleanse" with the BIORAY® Professional products.

  6. Where can I find BIORAY Kids®?

    You may purchase our full product line on or click “find a store” locator button and insert your zip code or city.

  7. Where do I start?

    You can learn more and where to begin by going to our Where To Start section.

  8. Will BIORAY Kids® products still work if my child's diet is not GFCF?

    Yes, BIORAY Kids® products will still work if your child is not on a GFCF diet. However, if your child is sensitive to certain foods, removing them from her/his diet will speed up the healing process, as it lessens irritation on the body.

    While BIORAY Kids® products are not a replacement for a healthy diet, the ingredients in NDF CALM® have been found to reduce food sensitivities and help to buffer some of the irritations experienced from dietary infractions.