Heavy Metal Detox Kit™ (Organic)

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1 - NDF® (Organic)-1 oz   + $67.15
1 - NDF Plus® (Organic)-1 oz   + $67.15
1 - Liver Life® (Organic) - 2oz   + $30.60
1 - Loving Energy® (Organic)-2 oz   + $30.60


The Heavy Metal Detox Kit™

The Heavy Metal Detox Kit™ includes all of the products used in the detox study. The kit is available in three sizes depending upon weight. For individuals less than 40 lbs we recommend the small kit, for individuals between 41-75 lbs we recommend the medium kit, and for individuals over 75 lbs we recommend the large kit.

The "Small" Kit Includes:

  • 1-NDF® 1oz
  • 1-NDF Plus® 1oz
  • 1-Liver Life® 2oz
  • 1-Loving Energy® 2oz

The "Medium" Kit Includes:

  • 1-NDF® 2oz
  • 1-NDF Plus® 2oz
  • 1-Liver Life® 4oz
  • 1-Loving Energy® 4oz

The "Large" Kit Includes:

  • 1-NDF® 4oz
  • 1-NDF Plus® 4oz
  • 1-Liver Life® 4oz
  • 1-Loving Energy® 4oz

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