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  • Dispelling 10 Detox Myths with Science Based Facts & Tips for Mitigating a Detox Reaction

    There are many myths about detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals from the bodies of adults and children. This article tackles ten of these myths and busts them with scientific facts.

  • LAB RELEASE: Using CytoFlora®, Child Improves Neurological Symptoms, Detoxification and Mitochondrial Irritation

    Comparison Organic Acid Testing (OAT) shows CytoFlora®, an innovative probiotic lysate, enhances the body's ability to process unhealthy gut flora Candida and Clostridia, while improving nutrient absorption and detoxification systems in the body.

  • Liver Life® Study: ATEC Results

    With help from Generation Rescue, we recently took a group of 11 children through a course of Liver Life® for 90 days, recording their pre and post ATEC (Treatment Evaluation Checklist). We are pleased to present the results of this intervention study with Liver Life®.

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