• Our RootsTraditional Chinese Medicine

    Chinese herbalism encompasses simplicity, richness of history, and completeness as a system of healing. At Bioray we have married ancient Chinese Medicine with science to bring you the most effective all natural products.

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Our unique processThe Balance of Nature & Science

    Our focus is and has always been to utilize the balance of nature and science to create supplements that support health, vitality and the environment. Our formulas are crafted using only organic or wildcrafted ingredients that are sustainably harvested. They are made in small, personally-attended batches using proprietary manufacturing processes.

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    The Balance of Nature & Science
  • Our Mission to our Customers

    We believe that the highest quality and purest ingredients produce the most effective natural herbal supplements. Bioray's original formulas are whole plant extracts, a tradition upon which Chinese medicine was built. We respect this time-honored history.

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    Our Mission to our Customers
  • Liver Life

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BIORAY Knowledge Center

  • Liver, GI, and Colon Health

    Supporting the organs of elimination are vital to everyone’s health for several reasons. Here we are discussing the liver, gastrointestinal tract, and the colon. Longevity and a life without serious health issues depends on these running smoothly.

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  • Unwanted Organisms: A Metropolitan Epidemic

    Many people believe that unwanted organisms are rare, found only in poor, underdeveloped countries. However, approximately 85% of the total world population has various unwanted organisms living deep inside them. We are no more immune in developed, industrialized countries than anywhere else.

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  • Liver Life® Study: ATEC Results

    With help from Generation Rescue, we recently took a group of 11 children through a course of Liver Life® for 90 days, recording their pre and post ATEC (Treatment Evaluation Checklist). We are pleased to present the results of this intervention study with Liver Life®.

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